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Published 2016 years 07 month 22 Date 13 when 28 minutes

FudodakiThe name of immobile waterfall can be seen throughout Japan. Many of them seem to have stories related to them. "Fudo Falls" in Daimono Daigozawa is also passed down as an agent's waterfall.

This Fudo Waterfall is a lot water, show us a heroic figure. The path from the ancient Tōsandō Daimon Pass to rain Sakaitoge been excavated imitation stone tools of ancient, it seems that what was the traffic of many travelers.

Fudodaki In the this path, it is speculated that it was a place of study of Shugenja.

Enters the forest road from the signboard "Fudodaki" the entrance of the national road 152 Route, the way I admire the cherry tree-lined, about 20 minutes from the entrance Fudodaki, waterfall is visible from the bottom of the cliff.