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Japanese paper craft

Published 2016 years 03 month 04 Date 14 when 03 minutes

Katsumi workshop

Paper cloth is a cloth woven paper yarn as material. Trimmed thin Japanese paper, carefully Nimomi, we'll spun one by one newspaper yarn over the "more" in the spinning wheel. This paper yarn and the weft (weft), and woven in the warp (warp) in silk and cotton, weaving machine by using the morning (weaving-out). Paper cloth will change the nickname by the thread that is used to warp.
That both of the various paper cloth ... warp and weft are made of paper yarn
What Cotton yarn ... warp cotton system, the weft yarn is made of paper yarn
Those silk paper cloth ... warp silk, the weft yarn is made of paper cloth
This light and durable paper cloth products are made using a paper cloth is created one by one handmade, never break even wash even when wet with rain.
Once by all means, to touch the paper cloth products Katsumi workshop, Please realize its goodness.
In the station of the dealer quince Nagato "Nanohana Museum"

Tie Luncheon Matt goodwill hat bag obi

It is light and durable paper cloth products made from Tateiwa Japanese paper.



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