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Buckwheat it was a specialty products

Published 2016 years 03 month 04 Date 13 when 44 minutes

Shinano kiriyama Dattan buckwheat

In buckwheat Shinano kiriyama Dattan, Dattan buckwheat specialty restaurants directly managed "green flower buckwheat Museum" was we opened in fiscal year 26 10 month 13 date. The menu, with buckwheat Shinano kiriyama Dattan of NAGAWA production, 80 percent buckwheat and ten percent buckwheat of noodles, there is such Dattan pasta, it has been provided with delicious local ingredients. In particular, ten percent buckwheat soba Dattan, although it had been said to be difficult to achieve impossible to beat, master of common buckwheat was devised the technique over the course of 3 Toshiyo. Please relish certainly once.
Dealer processing direct sales facility "green flower buckwheat Museum", Wada inn station, Nagato Onsen peace of hot water, Wada inn of hot spring petting hot water, Japanese paper village hometown center, in the station of quince Nagato "Nanohana Pavilion", "Forest Izumi ", etc.

Roasted Dattan buckwheat (80g, 180g, 500g, 1000g)

The fruit of buckwheat Dattan was raised roasted savory. Tea not only, cooked rice and marinated!

Dattan buckwheat flour (250g)

Let's enjoy the health Dattan buckwheat hot water!

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