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Season of Festivals and Events

Published 2016 years 03 month 04 Date 13 when 42 minutes

Himeki Yukimatsuri 3 month

Free-for-all race and annual cosplay competition, snow tug of war, lots is planning to participate in the friends and family, such as fun lottery.
It held a fireworks display for FREE to open a night game the slopes in the evening!
General audience the SAJ Ski School torches gliding, fireworks-hand cylinder fireworks with the inclusion will draw the snow and darkness and light art to the slopes.

Nagato ranch Festival 5 month, 10 month

Altitude 1400m, rearing Ushiyaku 211 head in the vast grasslands of the area 200ha, full-fledged milking ranch. In Nagato ranch are spirited cow who grew up in the pasture of the auto production has held the ranch festival and harvest festival every spring and autumn. Free distribution of farm walks and fresh milk, ice cream is drawn to a tractor, it can also be carried, such as butter and cheese making experience meeting. Why do not you enjoy the taste of homemade butter and cheese made with myself.

Wada inn Shukuba festival 8 month 14 Date

Edo era, is a summer festival to represent the Wada inn prospered as a strategic point of Nakasendo. During Obon period, handmade lanterns of local people have started to light the way people in the post town, 8 month 14 Hinomoto Festival in the era matrix that reproduces the marriage matrix of the Edo era by the town outside of the volunteer 100 name (along the way bride) portable shrine There parade in the post town. You can also apply for participation members of the public in the era matrix. Why do not you walk the post town in the guise of the time of people.

Hometown Festival 8 month late black 耀石

Hoshikusotoge with Wadatoge and Jomon mine NAGAWA is renowned as one of the leading black 耀石 origin in the nation. Black NAGAWA production 耀石 can be said the oldest of the brand-name products in Japan that had been used in the country for more than 3 million years. In the hometown festival of black 耀石, such as forest concert of life experiences and black 耀石 of the Jomon period, we are planning to enjoy such events from small children to adults.

Matsuo Shrine annual festival Oyama lion 9 month

Lion Dance of the founding age, but is unknown, in Koji 3 year (1557) wife of the total local deity is Matsuo shrine reconstruction of Nagakubo, there is a record of the performed lion dance for the sake of consolidation, 3 degree 1 year at present, posting station an inner lion dance parade "eloping" have been made.
Mai, male lion 2, is done by 1 head of female lion 3. Song and flute and drums, those graceful of the Kyoto system, dance the way is also said to have told the ancient rite.

Daimon Inari shrine Takatsuji sumo 10 month

Sendai Date house corner Tsuji, Takatsuji arena of Daimon Inari shrine, which is counted as one 3 of 1 Tsuji of Japan, along with snakes and Metsuji of Komoro has towered as high as more than a tall person. Edo is also a hidden rehearsal hall of the Grand Sumo Tournament of Urakaze room, name Ozeki "Raiden TameEmon" of winning percentage in Japan according to one estimate even any one of those that were trained here.
By using the playing field in early every year 10 month, Takatsuji dedication sumo have been made.

New buckwheat festival 11 month

Buckwheat using the new buckwheat, fragrance is also well crunchy, you can enjoy the original taste of buckwheat. The new buckwheat festival to be held in Tateiwa Japanese paper of the village and the Wada inn station, offers a new buckwheat festival limited menu which can taste the new buckwheat of 100% local production.

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