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Learn the history and culture in the post town

Published 2016 years 03 month 04 Date 13 when 31 minutes


Although initially was posting station is provided along Yodakawa, it moved to the current location on the terraces after 1631 years because of the great flood (1631), and "alley" is formed in the east-west direction about the Honjin-wholesaler live, it became a favorite L-shaped streets.
Nagakubo the inn Kansei (1739) or later, there is a Hatago shop of forty hotels before and after, and among Nakasendo Shinano twenty-six inn, was proud of the number located on the upper level.


Wada inn

Refrain from Wadatoge that was said to be the hardest part (altitude about 1600m) in the highest point of Nakasendo, next to the Shimosuwa until inn Gosatoju eight-cho (about 22Km), because the altitude difference between the pass was also about 800m , many matrix and travelers of feudal lords et al to sojourn, as well as the inn Nagakubo, was a post town is large scale among the Shinano twenty-six inn.
Edo period of Fumihisa first year (1861) 3 month, since the majority of Honjin other post station is, but will be destroyed by fire, which is to 11 month of this year has been ahead is your downward of princess Kazunomiya, two from the shogunate about thousand cars borrowed revived the rooftops, celebrated this large traffic safely.


Town designated Nagakubo-shuku Honjin stone if the house

Served Honjin and wholesaler through the Edo era, in the original fourth generation family head will not married the daughter of Nobushige Sanada (Yukimura).
"Palace" where dignitaries such as was used lords is estimated to be built in the second half of 17 century, has been said to be the oldest of Honjin remains is in Nakasendo.


Country historic sites Wada inn Honjin

Fumihisa Wada inn largest building in the reconstructed frontage 12 building after the Great Fire of the first year (the main house). After the Meiji Restoration, for many years, is used to Showa 59 years as office and agricultural cooperatives of the office, it has been restored to the appearance of bygone days over the course of 61-year period from the same 5 year.


Country historic sites Karasawa milestone

In 51 th milestone than Edo, it has been existing in pairs.


Country historic sites perpetuity men and horses enforcement office

The fire and porridge to travelers beyond the Wadatoge in winter, the cattle has undergone a tub full of Nimugi free of charge throughout the year.

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