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Greetings of inauguration

Aiming for "Happy Nagawa Town"

I am Kenichiro Haneda, who will be responsible for the fifth term as the mayor of "Nagawa Town".
Nagawa Town, which was born by the great merger of Heisei, is XNUMX years old this year.As the first mayor of the new Nagawa Town, I have been devoting my heart and soul to the happiness of the residents and the development of Nagawa Town for the past XNUMX years under the slogan "Nagawa Town !! ..When my beloved Nagawa-cho turns XNUMX years old, I want to take responsibility and create a truly independent Nagawa-cho.
Strengthening the crisis management system for natural disasters with a new determination without forgetting the original intention New Corona Countermeasures Industrial Promotion In order to meet the trust and expectations received from everyone, we are happy with the townspeople. We will take on new challenges toward the realization of Wamachi.
I love the rich nature, history, and culture of the green mountains of Nagawa, where I was born and raised, the clear air, the abundant water, the ruins of Kuroyaishi, and the Nakasendo Nagakubo-shuku and Wada-shuku.And I love everyone who lives there.The origin of my administrative management is here.No matter how the society changes, we aim to be a town of Nagawa where everyone can grow up, learn, work, and live with peace of mind. I will proceed.
The feeling of happiness may differ from person to person, but we will promote the town administration so that each townsman can feel happiness, have dreams and live a proud life in the area where they are accustomed to living.
We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement in the future.


Mayor mayor banner

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