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Nagawa mayor Kenichiro Haneda (Kenichiro Haneda)

Showa 21 July 17 Date Born in Wada Village
Showa 44 year March Chuo University Faculty of Economics graduate
May Showa 45 years - February 1997 Haneda Tsutomumoto deputy secretary
March 1997 Wada village headman's first win
Heisei 17 September Headman job loss Wada for the merger with Nagato-cho
Heisei 17/11 Nagawa mayor's first win
Heisei 21/11 No referee for re-election, second term
Heisei 25/11 Re-elected without a contest, third term
Heisei 29/11 Winning by election, fourth term
Heisei 31 February Inaugurated as Nagano prefectural village chairperson
July 3rd year of Reiwa Appointed Vice Chairman of the National Association of Towns and Villages
December 3rd year of Reiwa Winning by election, XNUMXth term


Mayor mayor banner

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