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September XNUMX XNUMXrd regular meeting of Nagawa Town Council Reasons for the mayor's proposal


September XNUMX XNUMXrd regular meeting of Nagawa Town Council Reasons for the mayor's proposal






Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

We have convened the Nagawa Town Council September regular meeting here today.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all members of the Diet for allowing me to open this meeting despite your busy schedules.

Well, XNUMX months are already going to pass this year.

This summer, since the end of the rainy season, many heat stroke warning alerts have been issued, and at the same time, there are record-breaking hot days in many places, along with dangerous heat.
We are very concerned about the impact this will have on the upcoming autumn crops, and we will be closely monitoring trends.

At the same time, Typhoon No. XNUMX, which occurred before Obon, caused a major disaster in the San'in region with a record-breaking period of heavy rain due to the formation of a linear rain belt.
Fortunately, here at Nagawa no Sato, we have been able to spend our time without suffering any damage from heavy rain, but we are about to enter the typhoon season.
We would like to take measures with thorough preparations and a solid system in case of emergencies such as heavy rain disasters.


[Coronavirus infection countermeasures]

Regarding the new coronavirus infection, the classification under the Infectious Diseases Law has been changed since May, and the response has changed to respect individual choices and to be based on voluntary efforts.
The movement towards normalization following the coronavirus pandemic has gained momentum, and scenes in various places have regained vitality with events and summer festivals held for the first time in four years.
In Nagawa Town, the Wada-shuku Post Festival was held for the first time in four years, and I was able to see the smiling faces of many participants. I'm here.

On the other hand, the number of new coronavirus infections, which had remained relatively flat since May, has increased since Obon due to mass infections at medical institutions and social welfare facilities.
The number of reported cases per sentinel has increased for the ninth consecutive week, and the number of hospitalized patients has exceeded XNUMX, the standard for issuing a medical alert, so a unique "medical alert" has been issued for the first time since the transition to Category XNUMX. ,
It was just issued on the XNUMXth.This is comparable to the ``special medical alert'' that was issued before the transition to Category XNUMX, and is putting a strain on medical institutions.

We are about to enter the fall tourist season again, but regarding the fall vaccinations for the new coronavirus infection, the town will be offering vaccinations to all those aged 6 months or older who wish to receive the vaccine starting in late October.
We are preparing to vaccinate with Omicron XBB, which is the current mainstream strain.

Elderly people and others will be vaccinated twice a year in the spring and fall, and everyone else will be vaccinated once in the fall.
We sincerely ask for your cooperation in continuing to take measures to prevent the spread of infection.


[Ukraine situation and price measures]

One and a half years have already passed since the sudden military invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military.The situation on the front continues to be a stalemate, and the end of the war is becoming increasingly uncertain.

This invasion is having a huge impact on the world economy, including soaring oil prices and rising prices, and we are very concerned about this.
My heart aches every time I see reports of socially vulnerable people, such as young children, getting caught up in the maelstrom of war.I sincerely hope that this foolishness will come to an end as soon as possible.


[Reiwa XNUMXth business results, etc.]

 This Congress is also the one that certifies the fiscal year XNUMX financial results, so I would like to briefly state my beliefs based on the results of each project from last year.

first,【General Affairs Division]It is business to be related to, but, by securing of public transport, we will keep service that it is easy to use more in mind in future.

In terms of crisis management, we are increasing the number of fire brigades and equipment and setting up a voluntary disaster prevention organization, and we will continue to actively promote this and increase residents' awareness of disasters.

Regarding town taxes, town tax revenue in 7 was approximately 4,800 million yen, an increase of 4.5% compared to the previous year.
In addition, in terms of storage rate, the overall storage rate was 96.3%, a decrease of 0.2% from the previous year, but we will continue to strive for appropriate storage.


next[Planning and Finance Division]Regarding the related part, the town's general account expenditures for FY7 were approximately 1,100 million yen (7,111,504 yen).
The final revenue amount is approximately 72 million yen (6,900 yen), and the real balance after deducting the financial resources carried over to the next fiscal year (7,269,269 yen) is approximately 20,272 million yen (3,700 yen). Ta.

However, this was the result of withdrawing more than 1 million yen (6,000 yen) from the Fiscal Adjustment Fund, etc., and allocating it to the implementation of the project.
In fiscal year 3, we have set aside 3,000 million yen as a financial adjustment fund for the fiscal year XNUMX settlement, but in addition to the declining birthrate and aging population, we have also set aside XNUMX million yen as a financial adjustment fund due to the decline in the birthrate and aging population, as well as the impact of the new coronavirus infection. changes in social conditions,
In addition, due to the soaring prices associated with Russia's invasion of Ukraine, it is expected that extremely difficult fiscal management will continue.

We will continue to strive for even more creative and ingenious financial management initiatives.

 Regarding migration and settlement, we would like to further enhance the vacant house bank system and use the ``Rural Life Experience Housing'' with the addition of a share house function to communicate the charm of the town.

We also hope to halt the population decline by increasing the number of permanent residents through proper management of municipal housing and the sale of residential lots.

In addition, we will promote more effective projects based on the "Comprehensive Strategy for Vitalizing Town, People, and Jobs," aiming to realize a sustainable, happy Nagawa town that leaves no one behind, and to revitalize the town. We will strive.


next,[Information and Public Relations Division]In this regard, "Public Relations Nagawa", which is published monthly, will reach its 4th issue in May 5.
In addition to featuring feature articles on major events that have taken place since the 100th issue, we have changed the title of the logo on the cover, which was determined by a reader vote.

In addition, in order to respond to the local government's DX (digital transformation) promotion plan in conjunction with the promotion of digitalization in local communities, the town's promotion headquarters and a committee of young staff have been established to promote the digitalization of administrative services. Started considering,
We have begun preparations for the development of a new information dissemination tool, the ``Local App,'' and the introduction of a ``No-Written Desk'' that utilizes tablets, etc., and both projects have been selected for the National Digital Garden City National Initiative Grant.


next,【Townspeople Welfare Division】In relation to this, each person in charge cooperated with related organizations and carried out the project appropriately.

Under these circumstances, the counter staff has created a convenience store issuance service system for various certificates, and started the service in February 2.

The Welfare Section, Elderly Support Section, and Living Environment Section are providing various grants to low-income households, welfare service providers, etc. as support for the effects of the new coronavirus infection and rising prices of electricity, gas, food, etc. I received the payment.

 In addition, the town declared a state of climate emergency on August 2022, 8 (Reiwa 29), and applied for subsidies from the Ministry of the Environment in order to formulate a "local government action plan" to tackle global warming. We have made a start towards global warming countermeasures.

In addition, the four special accounts have been operated appropriately in cooperation with related organizations.

 Through consultations and requests from residents, the elderly, people with disabilities, and their families, and through various projects that are directly related to the lives of residents, we strive to help residents live safely and securely in the familiar area of ​​Nagawa Town. Ta.


 next,[Children and Health Promotion Division]It is a relationship.

In 127, a total of XNUMX children at both Nagato and Wada nursery schools enjoyed their day at the nursery school.

We provide child-centered childcare so that children can grow up mentally rich and healthy, and we value connections with elementary schools and the local community.We also work with related organizations to provide individual support and family support.

 In terms of child-rearing support, we will implement seamless child-rearing support projects, operate support centers, provide child allowances, and support the lives of child-rearing households affected by the new coronavirus infection, as children are the treasure of towns and regions. We paid special benefits for this purpose.

In addition, in terms of health promotion, since health is everyone's wish and happiness, we raise awareness of one's own health and conduct various health programs such as health checkups.

Regarding the XNUMX vaccination for the new coronavirus infection, which has repeatedly spread until the XNUMXth wave due to the emergence of mutant strains, etc.
Additional vaccinations such as bivalent vaccines for the Omicron strain were administered for those 12 years of age and older, additional vaccinations for children (5 to 11 years old), and first vaccinations for infants (XNUMX months to XNUMX years old).

In addition, during the three-year period from XNUMX to XNUMX, the Shinshu University School of Medicine Health Promotion Course will be established to promote early detection and treatment of liver diseases.
The entire town is working to eradicate viral hepatitis, and as of April 5, blood tests have been performed on approximately 20% of people over the age of 5.

Hepatitis tests are not performed during regular health checkups, so please take this opportunity to take the test.


next,[Industrial Promotion Division]It is.

First, regarding agricultural policy, we have carried out renovation work on toilets and other facilities in preparation for Wadajuku Station becoming a roadside station.

Regarding Wadajuku Station, we applied for registration as a roadside station due to the renovation of the toilets, etc., in conjunction with the sales area expansion construction carried out in XNUMX, and it was registered as a roadside station at the end of February.

On September XNUMXrd, we plan to hold a roadside station registration certificate transfer ceremony and an opening ceremony to begin operation.

As for the forestry department, we captured XNUMX Japanese deer and XNUMX wild boars as part of our harmful wildlife extermination project, in an effort to control crop damage.In addition, it was a carryover project for forestry facility disaster recovery.
In addition to restoration work on forest road facilities caused by the heavy rains caused by Typhoon No. XNUMX, we also carried out restoration work on forest road facilities caused by heavy rains in August XNUMX.


In the area of ​​commerce and tourism, we utilized the temporary regional revitalization grant to carry out the ``Let's all support! Nagawa no Sato region vitality ticket sales project.''

This business sells Iki-iki Tickets with a high premium rate, allowing you to purchase 1 yen Iki-iki Tickets for 6,000 yen in order to stimulate consumption in the region, which has been sluggish due to the coronavirus pandemic and soaring energy prices. Yes.

In addition, in terms of tourism promotion, we have implemented various support projects using temporary regional revitalization grants for the tourism and food and beverage industries, which continue to be affected by the new coronavirus infection.

Regarding the relationship between Nagawa Town Promotion Public Corporation and Mount Nagawa Co., Ltd., the designated management of ski resorts and hometown centers will be changed to Mount Nagawa Corporation, and of the tangible fixed assets owned by the promotion corporation. ,
We purchased the assets related to the facilities whose designated management was changed to Mount Nagawa and sold them to Mount Nagawa for the same price.

In addition, due to the effects of soaring crude oil prices, etc., we convened a ``Hot Spring Fee Review Committee'' to raise admission fees for hot spring facilities.


next,[Construction Water Division]It is a relationship.

Using disaster prevention and safety grants, which are government-funded projects, we have carried out two projects, including two disaster prevention construction sections for the Furumachi School Road and fall prevention fence repair work.

In addition, as a standalone project, we have carried out road improvement work on Yotsudomari Route 9 in response to local requests.

Regarding disaster recovery projects, we have completed 4 projects in FY3 and 23 accident carryover projects, totaling approximately 1 million yen.
In addition, approximately 32 million yen was spent on disaster recovery costs for agricultural facilities at 3 locations.

In the water and sewerage business, the public enterprise law applies to both the water and sewage business, and we will strive to strengthen our management foundations through sound management.

In addition, with regard to villas, the management and operation of the villas is carried out by a small number of elite members, while holding regular meetings of the ``Nagawa Town Directly Managed Villa Land Management Committee.''


next,[Education Division]As for the related part, 169 children at Nagato Elementary School and 34 children at Wada Elementary School lived a healthy school life.

In order to support GIGA School and promote ICT education, we continued to introduce learning software and maintain peripheral equipment such as electronic blackboards.

In addition, as a two-year ongoing project in 3 and 4, we carried out large-scale renovation work on the exterior walls and roof of Nagato Elementary School.All planned renovations have been completed.

Regarding the Furumachi Community Center construction project, we proceeded with the project while taking into consideration the opinions of residents, and the construction was completed and began operation in August last year.

We will continue to work with Yamako Gakuen Kyodo Village to realize a community-based society and to have the facility be used by many people as a regional base facility.

Regarding cultural properties, thanks to many years of efforts, the Nakasendo Nagakubo-juku Honjin ruins have been designated as a national historic site.
We purchased the land and building for the tatami building last year with a government subsidy project, and we will continue to improve the landscape of Nagakubo-juku.

Regarding the association with Kuroshioishi, during the post-corona era, introductions have been added to Japan Heritage and various TV stations.
It was also a year in which ripple effects were seen, with the number of users rapidly increasing at the Primitive/Ancient Romance Experience Center and the Black Stone Experience Museum.

The above is based on the results of each division's implementation projects in FYXNUMX.


[For fiscal management and financial indicators of the town]

Next, I would like to explain the main financial indicators of the town in the fiscal year XNUMX.

At first it was "real public loan costs ratio", but it was 10.3% this time and decreased by 11.4 points from 1.1% of last year.

Next, regarding the "future burden ratio", it increased by 57.3 points from 0.8% in the previous year to 58.1%.

Compared to the previous year, the "real debt service ratio" has decreased and the "future burden ratio" has increased, but both are below the standards for fiscal soundness.
The state of financial soundness in the fiscal year XNUMX financial results can be said to be in a healthy state.

In addition, regarding the soundness determination ratio and the funding shortage ratio, we have submitted it as a report item to this parliament.


[Ordinance amendment]

Next, regarding the enactment of Proposal No. 54, "Ordinance to partially amend the Ordinance establishing standards for the operation of Nagawa Town specified education/childcare facilities and specified regional childcare businesses,"
This is to revise the section deviations caused by the amendments to the Children and Child-rearing Support Act, etc.


[Supplementary budget]

Next, I will explain the seven supplementary budget proposals in order.

First, I would like to explain the main contents of Bill No. 5, ``FY7 Nagawa Town General Account Supplementary Budget (No. XNUMX).

Regarding expenditures, we have recorded an increase in general affairs expenses due to an increase in the number of applications for vacant house renovation subsidies, and an increase in expenses related to equipment renovation work related to the information center.

Regarding public welfare expenses, we have recorded an increase in compensation related to devices to prevent children from being left behind on nursery school buses when picking up and dropping off children from nursery schools.

Regarding hygiene costs, there will be an increase in the amount due to the renovation of the town's health management system in conjunction with the electronic medical record update at Yodakubo Hospital.
We have recorded an increase in the Ueda Regional Union's contribution due to repair work on the Maruko Clean Center incinerator.

In relation to agriculture, forestry and fisheries costs, amendments will be made for repairs to the dairy processing facility at Nagato Farm, a reduction in compensation fees for the town's emergency farmland project, an increase in pine weevil control commission fees for fall extermination,
We have recorded an increase in subsidies for the Harmful Birds and Beasts Extermination Countermeasures Council due to the capture of deer, etc.

Regarding commercial and industrial expenses, there will be an increase in the UIJ turn employment/startup migration support project subsidy due to national and prefectural system revisions and the expected number of eligible participants.
We have allocated a supplementary budget for subsidies to the Chowa Sports Commission following the adoption of a subsidy project by the Japan Sports Agency.

Regarding civil engineering costs, we will increase the amount related to pavement repair and road repair, and regarding education costs, we will increase the cost of purchasing science equipment due to the adoption of a national subsidy project.
We have included a supplementary budget for the Wada Elementary School lunch room air conditioning installation work and a supplementary budget for compensation fees related to Nagakubo Honjin.

Regarding disaster recovery costs, we have included a supplementary budget for disaster recovery of farm roads and forest roads caused by heavy rains in May and June.

In addition to these, we have included corrections to personnel expenses due to personnel changes in April.

Next, regarding revenue, firstly regarding local allocation tax, the amount of ordinary allocation tax for FY5 has been decided.
We have included a supplementary budget related to this.The amount of ordinary tax allocation for FY5 is XNUMX yen.


*FY27 ordinary grant tax: 1,798 yen

(△2,420 yen, △0.9 points)


Regarding other matters, in addition to the correction of national and prefectural disbursements as a revenue source for expenditures, corrections related to carryover funds associated with the fiscal year XNUMX settlement, and transfers,
We have recorded corrections for the reduction in the amount transferred to the Fiscal Adjustment Fund, correction for the increase in the amount transferred to the Forest Environment Transfer Tax and the Cable Broadcasting Facility Improvement Fund, and corrections for the reduction in the amount of town bonds due to the reduction adjustment in the amount of bond issuance.

As mentioned above, we are requesting an increase of 1 yen in the general account as a whole, and the total budget after the amendment is XNUMX yen.


Next, Proposal No. 5 “FY2 Nagawa Town National Health Insurance Special Account (Business Account) Supplementary Budget (No. XNUMX)” to Proposal No. XNUMX
We would like to explain the supplementary budget for special accounts and business accounts up to "FY5 Nagawa Town Public Sewerage Project and Wastewater Treatment Facility Business Account Supplementary Budget (No. XNUMX)".

These supplementary budgets mainly consist of corrections for carryover funds associated with the fiscal year XNUMX settlement of accounts.

The main amendments other than those related to carryover funds include miscellaneous items and redemption proceeds associated with the liquidation of ordinary grants for FYXNUMX in the National Health Insurance Special Account,
We have recorded a supplementary budget for medical benefit costs, late-stage elderly support funds, and nursing care payments in conjunction with the determination of benefit amounts.

In the long-term care insurance special account, we have recorded a supplementary budget for transfers from the fund and reimbursement to the national and payment funds.

Regarding public sewage business and wastewater treatment facility business accounts, this is an amendment related to new construction of sewer mains and construction of new public squares in conjunction with the construction of new group homes.


This concludes the summary of the bills that were proposed to this regular meeting.

Details will be explained by the person in charge at the time of deliberation, so we ask for your approval of the original proposal, and we will explain the reasons for the proposal.


Reiwa XNUMXAugust XNUMX,Day

Mayor of Nagawa Kenichiro Haneda


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