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Reiwa December 4rd Regular Assembly Mayor Proposal Reason Explanation

September XNUMX Nagawa Town Council XNUMXrd regular meeting Reason for town mayor proposal

August 29, XNUMXth year of Reiwa


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

I am here today to convene the September regular meeting of the Nagawa Town Assembly, and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of the council members who attended despite their extremely busy schedules.

Well, XNUMX months are already going to pass this year.

This summer, perhaps because the rainy season ended earlier than usual, there were many reports of record-breaking heavy rain due to the occurrence of linear rain belts across the country. So far, Nagawa no Sato has been able to live without being damaged by heavy rains like it was in August last year.

The current assembly will later declare a "Nagato Town Climate Emergency", and I sincerely hope that all members of the Diet will understand and cooperate with this declaration.

The typhoon season is about to arrive again, and the town will continue to make preparations and implement measures to deal with heavy rain disasters.


[Coronavirus infection countermeasures]

The situation regarding the new coronavirus infection is changing day by day.The number of positive cases in the prefecture remained relatively calm until the beginning of July, but from around the middle of the month, a trend of re-expansion gradually began to appear.

Due to an increase in the number of infected people nationwide, called the "seventh wave," and an unprecedented spread of infection in the latter half of the year, the prefecture issued a special medical warning for all prefectures on July 28 and raised the infection alert level to XNUMX. was performed, but

Even in August, the number of infected people reached a new high every day, showing no sign of an end. On August 8, the occupancy rate of hospital beds in the prefecture exceeded 50%. This is the place where we raised to .

Furthermore, as you all know, on the 24th of last week, since there were no signs of calming down, the "BA 7 Countermeasures Strengthening Declaration" was issued in order to suppress this XNUMXth wave.

On the same day, the government also announced a policy to review the method of grasping the total number of infected people in order to reduce the burden on medical institutions and public health centers that are under pressure.

Under these circumstances, even in Nagawa Town, the number of new infected people has been around 0 for a long time, and sometimes it exceeds XNUMX, and more infected people have been confirmed than ever before.

We believe that the difficult phase of revitalizing the economy while preventing the spread of infection will continue for the time being.Expecting the speedy implementation of national policies,

As the mayor of the town and as the chairman of Nagano prefecture towns and villages, I would like to take necessary measures in a timely manner while closely monitoring the infection situation nationwide and the response of the national and prefectural governments.

The 9th vaccination for residents aged XNUMX and over or those with underlying diseases is progressing smoothly, and the mass vaccination will end in September.

We would like to continue to vaccinate all of the townspeople who were not targeted this time, so we ask for your cooperation.

As we approach the autumn tourism season again, we sincerely ask for your cooperation in continuing to take measures to prevent infection and further prevent the spread of infection.


[Ukraine situation and price measures]

Half a year has already passed since the sudden Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The front lines remain in a stalemate, and the end of the war is becoming increasingly uncertain.This invasion casts a big shadow on the world economy, such as soaring crude oil prices and rising prices.

I earnestly hope that this folly will come to an end as soon as possible.

As for countermeasures against soaring prices, we will keep a close eye on the response of the national and prefectural governments, and will actively respond to what we can do as a town, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation.


[Reiwa XNUMXrd year business results, etc.]

This Congress is also the Congress that will approve the settlement of accounts for the XNUMXrd year of Reiwa, so I would like to state my beliefs based on the results of each project last year.


first,【General Affairs Division]It is business to be related to, but, by securing of public transport, we will keep service that it is easy to use more in mind in future.

In terms of crisis management, we are working with the fire brigade to enhance the materials and equipment and establish a voluntary disaster prevention organization. .

Regarding the town tax, the town tax revenue in FY7 was about 1600 million yen, a decrease of 4.8% compared to the previous year.In terms of the storage rate, the overall storage rate was 96.5%, down 1.1% from the previous year, but we will continue to strive for appropriate storage.


next[Planning and Finance Division]Regarding the part related to , the town's fiscal 3 general account expenditure settlement amount was approximately 66 million yen, and the real balance was a surplus of more than 3,800 million yen.

However, this is the result of withdrawing more than 1 million yen from the financial adjustment fund, etc. and allocating it to the implementation of the project. In addition to the progress of aging,

Due to the changes in the social situation caused by the new coronavirus infection, it is expected that extremely difficult financial management will continue in the future.

Regarding immigration and settlement,Along with enhancing the empty house bank systemWe would like to put the brakes on the declining population by promoting the appeal of the town through the use of the "Country Life Experience House," and by increasing the number of permanent residents through appropriate management of municipal housing and the sale of residential lots. .

In addition, we will promote more effective projects based on the "Comprehensive Strategy for Vitalizing Town, People, and Jobs," aiming to realize a sustainable, happy Nagawa town that leaves no one behind, and to revitalize the town. We will strive.


next,[Information and Public Relations Division]In relation to this, with the 4th issue of "Koho Nagawa", which is published every month, in May 5, we asked Tokyo Women's University of Art and Design to create a logo title for the cover, and voted for readers. I was.

In addition, in order to respond to the local government's DX (Digital Transformation) promotion plan accompanying the promotion of digitization of local communities promoted by the government, we will hold workshops for all employees,

We have started efforts to digitize administrative services, such as supporting the sharing of core systems through the Nagano Prefecture Self-government Promotion Association.


next,【Townspeople Welfare Division】In relation to this, each person in charge cooperated with related organizations and carried out the project appropriately.

Implementation of the "Nagawa Town Welfare Kerosene Subsidy Project" to support low-income households against soaring crude oil prices, and "Residential Tax Exempt Households, etc." Temporary special grant business” was implemented.

In addition, due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection, we were forced to cancel projects related to the elderly.

Through new projects in fiscal XNUMX, such as the “Short-Term Intensive Rehabilitation Program” and the “Rehabilitation Professional Dispatch Project,” we worked to understand the issues faced by the elderly and prevent nursing care, even during the COVID-XNUMX crisis.

In addition, we have properly managed four special accounts.

In the future, we will continue to strive to ensure that residents can live safely and securely in the familiar area of ​​Nagawa Town through consultations and requests from residents, the elderly, people with disabilities, and their families, and through various projects that are directly related to the lives of residents. I will continue.


next,[Children and Health Promotion Division]It is a relationship.

A total of 136 children at both Nagato and Wada Nursery Schools lived a healthy life.

Regarding individual support and family support, we are providing consultation services in cooperation with related organizations as necessary, and we have set up a consultation desk at each kindergarten.

Regarding child-rearing support, we implemented child-rearing support projects, provided child allowances, and paid special benefits to support the lives of child-rearing households affected by the new coronavirus infection.

In addition, in May XNUMX, we started inoculating the townspeople with the new coronavirus vaccine, and we have been vaccinated up to the third time.

About 2% of the first and second doses and about XNUMX% of the third dose have been vaccinated. However, please consider vaccination.

In addition, in the three years from XNUMX to XNUMX, the "Shinshu University School of Medicine Health Promotion Course" was established, and efforts are being made to eradicate viral hepatitis throughout the town. So far, about XNUMX% of people have been tested.


next,[Industrial Promotion Division]It is.

First of all, it is related to agricultural administration.Until now, the wine grapes project had been unable to harvest wine grapes due to damage from wild animals.

In XNUMX, XNUMX kg of wine grapes were harvested and about XNUMX bottles of Nagawa wine were completed, and a wine completion report meeting was held on July XNUMX.

In the area of ​​commerce, industry and tourism, the spread of the new coronavirus infection continues to affect tourism, restaurants, and related wholesale and retail businesses.

In response to this, we have implemented a new coronavirus infectious disease emergency economic countermeasure project by utilizing the regional revitalization temporary subsidy.

We distributed 1 yen Nagawa-no-Sato Regional Iki-Iki Ticket for each townsman as economic measures for shops and business operators in the area and support for household finances for local residents.

Along with this, we have added a Nagawa no Sato Regional Ikiiki Ticket of 18 yen per child up to the age of 1 to support households raising children.

Regarding ski resorts, among the departments where the promotion public corporation was implementing the business under the town's designated manager system,

A new company, "Mount Nagawa Co., Ltd." was established based on the policy of operating the revenue division under the new "public/private management" and more under the designated management of the town.

In order for Mt. Nagawa Co., Ltd. to operate in a sound manner, I would like to ask for the continued support of all members of the Diet.


next,[Construction Water Division]It is a relationship.

We implemented 6 projects such as snow removal machine purchase project and road improvement project by social infrastructure development comprehensive grant project etc. which is a national grant project.

In addition, as an independent business, we have implemented road and side ditch improvement work in response to local requests.

Regarding disaster restoration projects, we have carried over auxiliary disaster projects and accident carryover projects at 29 locations, and have also conducted independent disaster projects at 123 locations.

In addition, we spent a total of 4 million yen as disaster recovery costs for agricultural facilities.

In the water and sewerage business, the public enterprise law applies to both the water and sewage business, and we will strive to strengthen our management foundations through sound management.

In addition, with regard to the villa-related business, we will further enhance our business with the formulation of the “Nagawa Town Villa Master Plan” and the “Nagato Town Tourism Facility Business Comprehensive Strategy”.


next,[Education Division]As for the related part, 170 children at Nagato Elementary School and 38 children at Wada Elementary School lived a healthy school life.

In order to support GIGA School and promote ICT education, we have introduced learning software and improved peripheral equipment such as electronic blackboards.

In addition, large-scale renovation work was carried out on the outer wall and roof of Nagato Elementary School.With this renovation work, about half of the facility has been renovated, and the rest will be implemented in XNUMX.

Regarding the Furumachi Community Center construction project, we have proceeded with the project while taking into consideration the opinions of the residents.

In the XNUMXrd year of Reiwa, after the removal of the Furumachi Community Center and the excavation of buried cultural properties, we will move forward with full-scale construction.

Together with "Yamanoko Gakuen Community Village", which has already been completed and started to use, we will strive to realize a community symbiotic society and make it available to many people as a regional base facility.

With regard to cultural properties, as a result of efforts over many years, the ruins of Nagakubo-shuku Honjin on the Nakasendo were additionally designated as a national historic site at the end of last year.

Regarding obsidian, the long-awaited “Hoshikuso Museum” opened on July 20th in the historical park of Hoshikuso Pass.Blessed with more visitors than expected, and with the introduction of Japan Heritage and various TV stations,

At the Primitive/Ancient Romance Museum and the Obsidian Experience Museum, it was a year in which we saw ripple effects such as a rapid increase in the number of individual users, compared to group visitors who were sluggish due to the COVID-1 pandemic.

Lastly, regarding the survey of buried cultural properties, we conducted excavation surveys at two ruins in the town, and were able to achieve great results in clarifying the history of the town.

The above is based on the results of the implementation projects of each section in the XNUMXrd year of Reiwa.


[For fiscal management and financial indicators of the town]

Next, I would like to explain the financial indicators of the town in the settlement of accounts for FYXNUMX.

At first it was "real public loan costs ratio", but it was 11.4% this time and decreased by 11.6 points from 0.2% of last year.

Next, regarding the “future burden ratio,” it decreased by 74.8 points from 17.5% in the previous fiscal year to 57.3%.The main reasons for this are thought to be the decrease in the outstanding amount of local bonds, the decrease in planned expenditures based on the act of bearing debts, and the decrease in the balance of the fund, which is regarded as a possible financial resource.

However, both the "real public debt service ratio" and the "future burden ratio" have decreased compared to the previous fiscal year.Both are below the standards for fiscal consolidation, so I would like to report that the financial consolidation in the fiscal year ended March 3, XNUMX is in a healthy state.

The soundness judgment ratio and the fund shortage ratio will be submitted to the plenary session as a report.I would like to ask the section chief in charge to explain it later.


[Supplementary budget]

Then we explain about seven supplementary budget proposals sequentially next.

First, I would like to explain the main contents of bill 61, "Reiwa 4rd year Nagawa-cho general account supplementary budget (No. 6).

With regard to expenditures, general affairs expenses include subsidies for repairing vacant houses, consignment of renovation of the family register system due to the introduction of the number system, and an increase in compensation for sharing the information system.

In public welfare expenses, in addition to revisions to reimbursements, etc., based on the actual performance of commuting support costs for children with disabilities, special benefits for supporting households raising children, and revisions to reduce medical contributions for the elderly aged XNUMX or over due to the determination of project costs, We recorded corrections for withdrawals to medical special accounts and long-term care insurance special accounts.

In terms of sanitation costs, we commission system repairs such as medical examination applications, and corrections due to expenses related to the new coronavirus vaccination business.

Agricultural expenses are corrected for rearrangement of project costs associated with the adoption of subsidized projects. Farmland expenses are increased for power source location, emergency cultivated land, and cultivated land improvement work. I was allowed to count.

In commercial and industrial expenses, we posted corrections related to the increase in the hot spring admission discount ticket business, the sports commission subsidy business, and the Fureai no Yu renovation business.

In engineering works costs, we recorded revision to affect road repair work four places.

For educational expenses, we have posted corrections such as reduction corrections related to international exchange projects.

Regarding disaster recovery costs, for agricultural facilities, consignment fees related to performance design and independent business disaster recovery construction costs are

Regarding forestry facilities, construction costs to be implemented using the forest environment transfer tax for newly confirmed disaster sites, and for civil engineering facilities, we have posted an increase compensation for independent business disaster recovery construction costs. .

In addition to these, we have included corrections to personnel expenses due to personnel changes in April.

Then, we explain main contents about the annual revenue.

In response to the determination of the amount of special local grants and ordinary grants, we recorded corrections for each increase and decrease, as well as recording reduction corrections for the transfer of financial adjustment funds. With the finalization of the project costs of each project that was recorded in , we recorded corrections for each.

In addition, we have recorded the correction related to the money carried forward due to the settlement of accounts for XNUMX and the reduction correction of the municipal bonds after the issuance amount of the extraordinary financial countermeasures bonds has been confirmed.

As mentioned above, we ask for increase of 1 yen in the whole general account, and the budget total sum after revision is 1,739 yen.


Next, Bill No. 62 "Nagawa Town National Health Insurance Special Account (Business Account) Supplementary Budget (No. 4)" to Bill No. 1 "Nagawa Town Wada Property Ward Special Account I would like to explain the supplementary budgets such as special accounts up to the supplementary budget (No. 67).

For these supplementary budgets, the revision of the money carried forward due to the settlement of accounts for FY3 is common.

The main corrections in the National Health Insurance Special Account are corrections due to the determination of miscellaneous income and reimbursement due to the settlement of ordinary subsidies in 3, medical benefits, support for the elderly aged XNUMX and over, nursing care payments,

In the Special Account for Medical Care for the Advanced Elderly, corrections to inter-regional union payments, etc., and in the Long-Term Care Insurance Special Accounts, corrections based on decisions made by the national treasury and payment funds regarding insurance premiums and insurance benefit costs, etc.

In addition, in the correction of redemption money to the national, prefectural and payment funds based on the results of 3, the special account for loans such as funds for new housing construction in the Dowa district, the tourist facility business special account, and the Wada property ward special account supplementary budget, the carryover will be I have included the accompanying corrections.



This concludes the summary of the bills that were proposed to this regular meeting.

Details will be explained by the person in charge at the time of deliberation, so we ask for your approval of the original proposal, and we will explain the reasons for the proposal.




Reiwa 4August XNUMX,Day

Mayor of Nagawa Kenichiro Haneda


Mayor mayor banner

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