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March 5 3st regular meeting of Nagawa town council Reason for town mayor proposal


March 3th year of Reiwa XNUMXst regular meeting of Nagawa town council Reason for town mayor proposal

April 2, 28th year of Reiwa



 Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

 This winter, the strongest class cold wave that is said to occur once every ten years hits in January.
 It used to feel like a harsh winter, but these days it feels like spring day by day.
 Every family is looking forward to the time when butterbur sprouts heralding the arrival of spring will soon be on the table.

 Today, I have convened the regular meeting of the Nagawa Town Council in March.
 I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all members of the Diet for their attendance.


【COVID-XNUMX infection】

 Now, regarding the new coronavirus infection, the XNUMXth wave has calmed down,
 Regarding the change in the classification of infectious diseases from XNUMX to XNUMX in May, and the idea of ​​wearing a mask,
 From March 13th, we have announced one after another that it will be left to individual judgment.

 Also, in Nagano Prefecture,
 On February 2, the "Medical Emergency Warning" was lifted, as it was recognized that the burden on the medical care system had been reduced.

 Furthermore, on February 2, the number of new positive people per 21 population in the Ueda area in the last week was less than 10,
 We have moved the infection alert level from level XNUMX to the lull period.

 In addition, we will continue to steadily promote efforts to converge the XNUMXth wave, and anticipate a change in the status of the new coronavirus infection under the Infectious Diseases Act.
 We will share information with Nagano Prefecture and do our utmost to protect the lives and health of the townspeople.


[Social and economic situation]

 By the way, in the earthquakes exceeding magnitude 2 that occurred one after another in southern Turkey on February 6,
 Many buildings have collapsed, and the number of dead, including that of Syria, has risen to over XNUMX.
 Strangely enough, March 3th, during the current Diet session, will mark the 11th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

 Natural disasters such as earthquakes do not know when or where they will occur.
 Many lives are lost and infrastructure facilities are severely damaged.
 We sincerely pray for the repose of the souls of those who lost their lives in this earthquake, and we hope for the earliest possible recovery.

 In addition, I have once again keenly felt that our town would like to proceed with preparations for natural disasters.

 In addition, on the 24th, one year has passed since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, but the fighting is still ongoing, and there are many casualties.

 War causes economic turmoil and causes food and energy prices to soar, such as crude oil, natural gas and wheat.
 These price increases have further pushed up inflation in each country, and have had a major impact and turmoil on the world economy, including trade and finance.

 In a situation where it is not possible to predict what will happen to the Putin administration, Russia, East Asia, and international politics,
 I sincerely hope that this barren war will come to an end as soon as possible.

 On the other hand, the bright news is that the WBC World Baseball Classic will be held in March for the first time in five years.
 I would like to expect the Japanese team to do well.


[Approval / Ordinance Items]

 Then we explain about bill which we proposed to this assembly one by one.

 First, regarding Approval No. 11, “FYXNUMX Nagawa Town General Account Supplementary Budget (No. XNUMX)”.

 Mainly, it can be said that the current top priority is the new coronavirus infectious disease-related business,
 Changes in project costs and project contents due to the confirmation and prospects of the project implemented as a regional revitalization temporary subsidy project,
 Appropriation of financial resources to existing businesses, initiatives for new businesses, newly indicated by the country,
 In order to enhance the follow-up consultation support from the time of notification of pregnancy, a special decision was made on the business expenses of the childbirth and child-rearing support benefits.
 Funds are allocated from national and prefectural disbursements and transfers.

 Then, we explain the regulations item from bill No. 9 to No. XNUMX.

 Regarding the establishment of Proposal No. 3 "Ordinance to partially revise the ordinance that stipulates the standards for equipment and operation of the Nagawa-cho homely childcare business,"
 We will make revisions in accordance with national revisions, such as thorough safety management of children involved in bus transfers.

 Next, regarding the establishment of Bill No. XNUMX "Ordinance for Partial Revision of Ordinance Concerning Appropriate Management of Nagawa Town Vacant Houses, etc."
 It is a revision to ensure consistency with the Act on Special Measures Concerning Promotion of Measures against Vacant Houses (Act of 26).

 Next, regarding the establishment of Proposal No. XNUMX "Ordinance to partially revise the National Health Insurance tax ordinance",
 We revise tax rate step by step every year to push forward prefecture unification of National Health Insurance tax.

 Next, regarding the enactment of Proposal No. 6 "Ordinance to partially revise the ordinance concerning the salaries of general staff in Nagawa Town",
 As with the national and prefectural governments, the revision restricts wage increases for employees over the age of 55, and only raises wages when work performance is particularly good.

 Next, regarding the enactment of bill No. 7 "Ordinance to partially revise the ordinance concerning the establishment and management of Nagawa-cho rural living experience housing",
 For those who are considering immigration and settlement by adding a function as a share house to the country life experience house,
 It is a revision to provide temporary housing and to use the usage fee as a rental fee.

 Next, regarding the establishment of Proposal No. 8 "Ordinance to partially revise the Nagawa Town Housing Ordinance",
 This is a revision that deletes the houses that have been dismantled from the separate table stipulated in the ordinance.

 Next, regarding the enactment of Proposal No. 9 "Ordinance for the Enforcement of the Law Concerning the Protection of Personal Information of the Nagawa-cho Wada Property Ward Management Committee,"
 Due to the revision of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, local governments, some administrative associations, inter-regional unions and local independent administrative agencies,
 Since it will be enforced from April XNUMX, XNUMX, we will develop the necessary ordinances.


[Budget policy]

 Next, regarding the budget, first of all, in formulating the budget for FYXNUMX, based on the trends of the country and the trends of the rapidly changing socio-economic situation,
 XNUMXnd Nagawa Town Long-Term Comprehensive Plan Late Basic Plan, XNUMXnd Nagawa Town Town/People/Work Revitalization Comprehensive Strategy, and my pledge
 Guided by "Nagawa Next Vision V", while considering the severe financial situation the town is in,
 We organized the town with the aim of creating a sustainable Nagawa town that leaves no one behind.

 In addition to existing challenges such as changes in socio-economic conditions, population decline, declining birth rate and aging population,
 In order to respond to initiatives for digital transformation, promotion of decarbonization, and promotion of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
 In the FYXNUMX budget, while effectively utilizing limited financial resources and responding to new issues, the development of Nagawa Town, safe and secure living,
 The budget is set so that the necessary projects that lead to a prosperous local community and a “happy Nagawa town” for all of the townspeople can be steadily implemented.


[Overview of FYXNUMX budget]

 The initial budget for the Nagawa Town General Account for FY56 totaled 6,300 million yen, a decrease of 2 million yen, or 5,700%, compared to the initial budget for the previous fiscal year.

 About 20 accounts of special accounts, it is 8,681 yen in total,
 We make 2,241 yen, rate in comparison with the amount of original budget in the last year and become decrease of 1.1%.

 We did with budget proposal of 77 yen in total.


 First of all, I will explain the main contents of the bill No. 10 FYXNUMX Nagawa Town general account budget.

 Regarding the new coronavirus infectious disease, while actively working on related support based on the promotion of subsidy projects,
 We aim to complete the restoration of areas affected by the XNUMX East Japan typhoon disaster and the XNUMX disaster.  

 In addition, with regard to the 101 declarations and XNUMX promises set forth in "Nagawa Next Vision V", while considering sound financial management,
 We will continue to strive for efficient business implementation.

 As a new business, we have introduced a tablet terminal for meetings in the assembly, a regional application, and a contact system that does not write, etc.
 In addition to working on projects to promote digitization, we will proceed with the formulation of a regional decarbonization action plan, although it is a tentative name.
 We will work diligently toward decarbonization in Nagawa Town.

 Regarding the enhancement of other administrative services and the promotion of administrative reforms,
 We would like to continue to promote the provision of high-quality and stable administrative services.
 We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


[Special account]

 Next, Proposal No. 11 From the XNUMXth year of Reiwa Nagawa Town National Health Insurance Special Account Budget
    Proposal No. 17 We would like to explain the special accounting budget for the Nagawa-cho Wada property ward in XNUMX.

 At first, it was National Health Insurance special accounts, but we did the amount of budget with 1,800 million yen of reduction of 7 million yen in comparison with last year at first.

 In terms of revenue, subsidies for insurance benefits, etc., are expected to be reduced.

 About national health insurance dental clinic business special accounts,
 Regarding accounting related to medical fees, we have set a budget of 1,500 million yen, which is the same amount as the previous fiscal year.

 About medical care special accounts for the latter-stage elderly,
 9,300 million yen, the same amount as the previous fiscal year.
 With annual expenditure, we included payment to late-stage elderly medical care interjurisdictional alliance.

 About long-term care insurance special accounts,
 We have reduced the budget by 1,100 million yen from the previous fiscal year to 10 million yen.
 The main contents are the increase in insurance premiums, transfer money, and the budget for reductions related to fund reserves.

 Regarding special accounts for loans such as funds for building new houses in the Dowa district,
 From the previous year, we increased the amount by 139 million yen to 661 million yen.

 About tourist facility business special accounts, we increase 520 yen from last year and assume the amount of budget 9,720 yen.

 Regarding the Wada Property Ward Special Account, the amount has been reduced by 50 yen from the previous year, with a budget of 320 yen.


[Corporate accounting: Water supply business, public sewer business budget]

 Next, Proposal No. 18 Reiwa XNUMXth Nagawa Town Water Supply Business Accounting Budget and
    Proposal No. 19 We would like to explain the corporate accounting for the fiscal 5 Nagawa-cho public sewerage business and wastewater treatment facility business accounting budget.

 Regarding the water supply business accounting budget, we will continue to strive to supply appropriate water as before.
 We will continue to engage in full-scale repair business to extend the service life of facilities.

 Regarding the public sewerage business-related budget, a certain period of time has passed since the transition to corporate accounting that applies the Public Enterprise Law.
 Based on the financial results, we would like to study and examine the soundness of management aiming for self-supporting profitability, and to determine future action policies.

 The above is an overview of the budget for FYXNUMX, from the general account to the corporate account.


[Supplementary budget]

 Next, from Proposal No. 20 Reiwa 12th year Nagawa Town General Account Supplementary Budget (No. XNUMX)
       Proposal No. 27 FY2 Nagawa Town Public Sewerage Project and Wastewater Treatment Facility Business Accounting Supplementary Budget (No. XNUMX)
       I will explain the supplementary budget for special accounts and corporate accounts.

 First of all, regarding the correction of the general account, there are some items that will increase in each item,
 This is mainly due to a reduction in the cost of the project due to the progress and performance of the project.

 In addition, the Wada Elementary School lunch room renovation project, which will be implemented in response to the government's supplementary budget, has been increased.

 We reduce 5,733 yen in the whole general account, and the total sum after revision is 66 yen.

 As for the special accounts, the main content of the revisions is the settlement associated with the completion of the project and revisions due to the expected results.


[Other projects]

 Then, about designation of designated manager of bill 28th and bill 29th.

 Regarding Proposal No. 28, we will continue to designate “Marmelo Eight Co., Ltd.” as the designated manager.

 About bill No. 29, we assume "Nagawa-cho promotion public corporation" designated manager sequentially.

 Then, about bill 30th, we ask for decision about authorization of town road line.

 Last but not, you are in for it to give up part of the rights pertaining to the bill the first 31 No. Ueda area interjurisdictional Furusato Fund.
 This will be applied to the regional medical measures project to be implemented in 5 as in usual years by withdrawing the fund.


 Above, I explained the outline of the project that I proposed to this regular meeting.

 Details will be explained by the person in charge at the time of deliberation.
 I would like to ask for your approval of the draft, and I will explain the reasons for the proposal.



Reiwa XNUMXFebruary XNUMX,Day

Mayor of Nagawa Kenichiro Haneda


Mayor mayor banner

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