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Vaccination of new coronavirus infection

 "Have you hit the vaccine yet? "Thanks to you, the second time has just finished." "I have a reservation, but it's about to come."

 You can hear such conversations here and there.

 Vaccination in Nagawa Town began on May 80th, the following day, after accepting reservations for townspeople aged 19 and over from April 10th. By June 45, 50 people had been vaccinated twice, 10 to 11 people a day for a total of 487 days.

 From June 21st, the number of people to be vaccinated will be expanded to 65 years old and over, and vaccination will begin, and by July 25th, about 1,800 applicants will be vaccinated. ..

 Prime Minister Suga requested municipalities nationwide to complete vaccination of people aged 65 and over by the end of July, and it is new to remember that he was busy dealing with it in various places, but in Nagawa Town, it was initially Fortunately, there was no major confusion as we had planned to end the vaccination in July.In addition, with the cooperation of the town's Council of Social Welfare, we visit households with only elderly people and those living alone, reconfirm the vaccination notice and whether or not there is a desire, and take measures to ensure that the applicant can receive the vaccination. ..

 After vaccination for people aged 65 and over, the next step is to inoculate people aged 16 to 64, but prioritize those with underlying illness and those aged 60 and over to make reservations and inoculation. ..In addition, the other day, the governor of Nagano Prefecture, Abe, said, "Including inoculation as soon as possible to everyone who is indispensable for maintaining social infrastructure and responding to disasters, and for those who cannot avoid contact with an unspecified number of people at work. Let's consider it, "said the policy of targeting teachers, nursery teachers, police, fire departments, hospitality businesses, etc. for early vaccination. It was clarified as a "basic idea" at a round-table conference with the prefectural mayors'association and the towns and villages' association held on June 11, and the inoculation will be promoted in this town as well.

 We would like to provide vaccinations for other people as soon as possible in a short-term intensive manner, but we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the workers involved in vaccination and those involved in vaccination at Yodakubo Hospital. I just hope that those who wish to be vaccinated will do their best for a while until the vaccination is completed.

 I hope that experiencing a pandemic, a new epidemic of infectious diseases for which there is no effective remedy, will be a guidepost for your future life, but vaccination that seems to be the best measure you can do now. I think that it is my duty now to promote safe and secure town development by promptly advancing.

 I hope that this new coronavirus infection will end as soon as possible not only in our town but also throughout Japan and around the world.


June 18, XNUMXrd year of Reiwa

Mayor of Nagawa Kenichiro Haneda