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The source of energy must not be extinguished ...

 "This year's Otaya Festival was a lonely Otaya Festival," "the fire seems to have gone out without floats and food stalls," he heard from the street corner.

 The annual festival of Furumachi Toyokedai Jingu, located in Furumachi, Nagawa-cho, is known as the Otaya Festival, and its origin is the oldest record of the 11th year of Bunsei (1828) at the end of the Edo period. However, the festival has been held for a long time.Floats have been dedicated to the festival, and the floats were designated as an intangible folk cultural property of Nagano Prefecture in 38 as a valuable traditional culture that handed down simple farmer's art. Floats are dedicated.Following the Ise Jingu, a relocation festival is held every 20 years.The annual festival is held from the evening of January 14th to around noon on the 15th, and the worshipers also visit from Ueda and Saku, and it is the largest in town with about XNUMX to XNUMX people every two days. It's a festival.

 The festival, which is crowded with people, has been canceled for the dedication of floats and the opening of stalls in order to avoid the risk of infection with the new coronavirus, which has not stopped momentum after a year.

 Nagawa-cho, which has two post stations on Nakasendo, the Wada-shuku post station festival in summer, and the Oyama lion festival in Nagakubo-shuku in autumn were canceled without the wishes and feelings of the people involved.

 Our town with the national historic site "Hoshikuso Pass Obsidian Origin Site", which is a Jomon period obsidian mine discovered in the area of ​​Hoshikuso Pass, a site that constitutes a Japanese heritage as "the Jomon world of the central highlands where stars fall" At the Obsidian Experience Museum at the foot of the mountain, the "Obsidian Furusato Festival", which is held every year with the participation of local elementary and junior high school students, also takes into consideration the "three secrets", changes the location, changes the event, and is the smallest. It took several days by personnel, but it was far less lively than before.

 "Prayer," "gratitude," "wish," a festival that has been held to delight in living and foster a community.The festival, which deepens the bonds between the regions and strengthens the ties between people, is the heart of the Japanese people.With the thoughts of our ancestors, we will carefully protect the traditional festivals that our ancestors have inherited and pass them on to the next generation.

 In order for the new coronavirus to change the way of social life, the source of energy in the region must not be cut off.Do not weaken regional ties.
 I like the rich nature, history, and culture of the green mountains, clear air, abundant water, the ruins of obsidian, and Nagakubo-shuku and Wada-shuku on the Nakasendo.And I like the people who live there.
 "The town is more energetic and the people are happier."


January 27, XNUMXrd year of Reiwa

Mayor of Nagawa Kenichiro Haneda