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Live camera list

Last updated 2022 years 12 month 09 Date

Live camera in Nagawa Town
NAGAWA Town Office

Live camera (Wi-Fi set)

Location: Nagawa Town Furumachi 4247-1
This is an image of the parking lot seen from the front of Nagawa Town Hall.
The road beyond the parking lot is Route 152.

Nagawa Town Hall Nagakubo Branch (Nagawa Ground)

Live camera (Wi-Fi set)

Location: NAGAWA Nagakubo 1698-1
It is a state of the Nagakubo ground in front of the Nagakubo branch of the Nagawa town office.
Cherry blossoms bloom beautifully in spring.

Nakasendo Ochiai Bridge

Live camera (Wi-Fi set)

Location: NAGAWA Daimon 157-2
This is a video of the Daimon River and Yamato Bridge from Nakayama Bridge, which is depicted as Nagakubo-shuku on the XNUMXth Nakayama Road.

Wada inn station

Live camera (Wi-Fi set)

Location: NAGAWA Wada 2834-1
It is a video of National Route 142 and Mt. Asama from the Wada-shuku station parking lot in Wada-shuku.

Wada inn Honjin

Live camera (Wi-Fi set)

Location: NAGAWA Wada 2669-1
This is a video of Wadajuku Honjin seen from under the eaves of Tokuda (former Hanedanoya), a soba restaurant in front of Wadajuku Honjin.

Black 耀石 experience Museum

Live camera (Wi-Fi set)

Location: NAGAWA Daimon 3670-1
This is a video of Blanche Takayama Ski Resort seen from the Obsidian Experience Museum in Takayama, the place of origin of obsidian.
I sometimes see Mt. Tateshina.

Himekidaira Community Center

Live camera (Wi-Fi set)

Location: NAGAWA Daimon 3518-1146
This is a video of National Route 152 and Himekidaira Campsite seen from the Himekidaira Community Center in Himekidaira.

Yoda recess hospital

Live camera (Wi-Fi set)

Location: 2857, Furumachi, Nagawa-cho
Nagawa Town / Ueda City Union National Health Insurance Yodakubo HospitalIt is a video of "Nagawa Town Hall Government Building" seen from the XNUMXth floor of.

Migahara plateau

Live camera (Wi-Fi set)

Location: Utsukushigahara Kogen Hotel Yamamoto Hut
Utsukushigahara Kogen is located in the northwestern part of Yatsugatake Chushin Kogen National Monument, and is one of the XNUMX famous mountains in Japan, straddling Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, Ueda City, and Nagawa Town, Chiisagata District.
The area near the summit is a flat plateau-like terrain, which is a pasture for cattle called Utsukushigahara Ranch.

Blanche alpine ski resort

Live camera (Wi-Fi set)

Location: Blanche Takayama Ski Resort
At an altitude of 360m, Blanche is a ski resort dedicated to skiing with stable snow quality due to low temperature, 80 ° panoramic view, clear sky rate of XNUMX% or more, and safety.
Japan's largest snow play plaza and XNUMXkm beginner course are safe and secure ski resorts for families and seniors who resume skiing.

Shinwada Tunnel Live Camera

It is a live camera of Shinwada Tunnel.

From the Nagawa-cho side, Tsuchiya Ohashi, Shinwada Tunnel Wada entrance, Suwa entrance, Houtakazaka
You can see the road conditions in 4 places.

In addition, along with the Shinwada Tunnel becoming free of charge, 142 bypasses of National Route 3 on the Shimosuwa Town side
You can now see the road conditions at the end of the Kohoku Tunnel, Ochiai, and the starting point of Kootoshizaka.

Ueda Construction Office jurisdiction live camera
This is the road condition under the jurisdiction of Ueda Construction Office.



Nagawa-cho live camera installation location