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Agriculture and forestry

Last updated 2019 years 12 month 27 Date

Farming consultation

Cultivation technical guidance of agricultural crops, such as when there is a thing you want to talk do not know it and in the farming relationship, JA Shinshu Ueda Yoda Kubo southern farming center 85-2480 or, please contact Kamico Agricultural Promotion Center 25-7157.

Your use of the agricultural system funds

Financing system in the target has provided the high farmers of farming motivation.
This system, or obtain personal and corporate agricultural land to meet certain requirements, when to purchase agricultural machinery, thing that you try to loan the funds at low interest rates.
The types of funds, agricultural modernization funds, super L funds, and agricultural improvement funds.
Depending on the type of fund, but differs from the redemption period and the loan interest rate, you can receive loans at low interest rates.
If you would like to use the funds, those who want to know more details, please contact the Industrial Promotion Department agricultural policy engagement.

Diversion and the buying and selling of agricultural land

Buying and selling of farmland, gift, when you lease, you must have the agriculture committee of the permission of the town.
Diversion (residential, parking, forest, etc.) If you want to, to apply to the agriculture committee, it must receive the permission of the governor.
Applications must be submitted to the Agricultural Committee by the 15th of each month. However, when the deadline is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, it will be the immediately preceding open agency date. Please note that applications after the deadline will be handled the following month.
The application form is available at the Agricultural Committee Secretariat.

Exclusion from Agricultural Land (Agricultural Exclusion)

When planning a house, a factory, a material storage area, etc. on a farmland (blue ground) designated as a farming agricultural land area, a procedure for exclusion (agricultural exclusion) from the farming agricultural land area is required before applying for conversion.
Applications are accepted only twice a year (July and December). The deadline is July 2 and December 7. However, when the deadline is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, it will be the immediately preceding open agency date.
The application form is available at the Agricultural Committee Secretariat.

Work of agriculture committee

Agriculture Committee, and at the same time has a function as a comprehensive contact related to agricultural land and tax, pension, agricultural administration and management, it plays an important role as an organization that has the authority to make decisions as the administrative committee.
Please feel free to contact us, such as that Ya do not know that you have trouble with it on farmland.

Our main business is as follows.

  • Deliberation of trafficking and diversion, etc. based on the Agricultural Land Act
  • Set of land use rights
  • It related to idle farmland
  • Arbitration of agricultural land dispute
  • Mediation of exchange Bungo of farmland

Pest control

In recent years, fall webworm on the major damage to agricultural crops, rice water weevil, has occurred many pests such as stink bugs.
Town also Agricultural Promotion Center, in cooperation, such as the JA has hit these measures but, in order to increase the effect requires the efforts of overstuffed region.
It should be noted, of pest control machine Yes prepared in office, has been lending. If you find the occurrence, please control within the initial. Please use that time as much as possible group unit.

Harmful birds and beasts extermination measures

In recent years, harmful wildlife (deer, wild boar, civet etc.) damage to crops due has been increasing year by year. Those who need help in the damage caused by these harmful birds and beasts, please contact Industry Promotion Division.
In addition, in the town, so we carry out assistance for the installation of fences of harmful birds and beasts (electric fence, etc.), please contact us for more information to the Industry Promotion Division.

Tokyo University of Agriculture Yamamura regeneration project

In this project, which was implemented from 23, students of Tokyo University of Agriculture visit Nagawa-cho on a schedule of 2 nights and 3 days every month, and students come to the town through experiences and life such as "agriculture, companies, history, festivals". We hold discussions for the development and revitalization of the city, and are working on proposals for new "town development" and the development of special products.

Forest road maintenance

Grow healthy forests, establishment and of roads needed to maintain, paving, it has a such as slope protection. In some cases, such as can not pass by the location and fallen trees that forest road is broken please contact us to industrial promotion Karin Tsutomugakari. Also, if you want to use a forest road, please submit a forest road use permit application.

Pine weevil control

In the town, in order to prevent the spread of damage, the larvae extermination of beetle you are in the damaged trees, and carried out by felling-drug fumigation. If you find a damaged tree, please contact the Industrial Promotion Karin Tsutomugakari.
It should be noted that, by moving the damaged trees that have not been processed, it is also a cause to spread the damage to the other regions. Please do not to move the damaged trees, such as in the non-affected areas.

Forest land owner notification system

By forest law amendment for the fiscal year 23 4 month, Heisei 24 years 4 month later, who became the owner of the forest land was obligated to post notification to the town. Regardless of the individuals and corporations, who was newly acquired forest land by buying and selling and inheritance, etc., it must be reported, regardless of the area. Who are not eligible to have a report of the land sales contract based on the National Land Use Planning Act.
Within 90 days from the date that became the owner of the land, please refer to the report to the municipality with the acquired land.

Notification at the time of felling the trees of the forest

When forest owners and to cut down the trees of the forest, you must have the submission of "forestation statement after logging and deforestation". In the town, create a forest management plan, and the direction of the measures related to forest, has established guidelines concerning forest operations of harvesting and afforestation, such as forest owners do. System "afforestation notification after logging and deforestation" is, construction of post-logging and felling of forests, so as to be properly carried out on the basis of this plan, is what I am issuing the notification. When you tow trying to cut down the trees of the forest, always, please refer to the report in before 30 date of the felling.

Forest reclamation project

It is the forest thinning of town. If you are interested in a private-owned forests and ward forests, etc., please consult to the industrial promotion Karin Tsutomugakari.

Agricultural Mutual Aid

In Makoto Azuma agricultural mutual aid association, we handle a variety of agricultural crops, buildings and farm equipment mutual aid in preparation for the event of a disaster or accident.
Enrollment procedures and benefits procedures are performed in the Makoto Azuma Agricultural Mutual Aid Association 0267-58-2580. Please feel free to contact us.
In addition, even if a disaster or accident occurs, please let us know as soon as possible.

Agricultural support center

Order to contribute to the agricultural development of Yoda Kubo southern region, including the NAGAWA, Ueda Takeishi in cooperation with the district, "Yoda Kubo, the Southern District of agricultural support center -" it has been installed. 85-2480 (JA Shinshu Ueda Yoda Kubo in the southern farming center)

Our main business is as follows.

  • Promotion of agricultural land of actors and integrated (agricultural land held by streamlining business)
  • Towards the elimination of the devastated farmland efforts
  • Promotion of specialty crops
  • Research of the beast harm measures

Citizens farm business (town 2 point)

To you and the town of urban residents for the person who has a villa, we have opened a civil farm to town 2 place.
Because there is farm with free space in the compartment, please contact us If you have any hope to the Industrial Promotion Department agricultural policy engagement.

Contact us

Industry Promotion Division Agriculture Office
TEL: 0268-75-2047