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Welfare of people with disabilities

Last updated 2022 years 04 month 01 Date

People with disabilities of various types of consultation

For inquiries from people such as with disabilities, by the following in addition to the welfare engagement can consult.

Kamico 圄域 disabilities comprehensive support center

In Kamico sphere disabilities comprehensive support center, etc. consultation support offices that are co-located in the Kamico 4 municipalities, professional staff can be from time to time consult with the visit, telephone or the like.


Kamico sphere disabilities comprehensive support center
Ueda center 3-5-1 Ueda Fureai Welfare Center 2 floor
28-5522 27-2039

Consultation support office Triangle

In the Triangle, it has been resident professional staff. A visit to your home by the hope is also possible.


People with disabilities community support Support Center in the Brat
Nagatacho Furumachi 2803 71-0093

Physical disability certificate

Will be issued to those who have disabilities in the body, there are 1 class division from 6 classified by the degree of disability.
The delivery of the notebook you need to apply.

Nursing notebook

It is delivered to those who are judged to be intellectually disabled, and there are divisions of AI, A2, BI, B2 depending on the degree of disability.
The delivery of the notebook you need to apply.

Mental disability certificate

Issued to people with disabilities in the spirit, there are 1 class division from 3 classified by the degree of disability.
The delivery of the notebook you need to apply.
※, etc. If you various disabilities notebook has been issued, you may join insurance or disability extent of, and meet certain requirements, such as premium payment requirements disability pension is received. Please consult your local pension office. (Komoro pension office 0267-22-1080)
(If you have been issued a nursing notebook might have to disability pension is received if to 20 years old.)

Allowances for people with disabilities

Name Subject Payments
Payment period Remarks
 Special disability benefits  20 years of age or older of the most severe heart Shinsho is persons at home 
 (Special care who need full-time)
27,300 JPY

 In February, April, August and November

 3 months before each will be paid 

 There is an income limit 
 Failure child welfare allowance   Severe heart Shinsho are persons of less than 20 age at home 14,850 JPY  There is an income limit 
 Special child-rearing allowance  Disabilities in spirit or body
 Custodian of the children of less than 20 age
52,400 JPY

 In April, August and December

 4 months before each will be paid 

 There is an income limit 
34,900 JPY

Various subsidy programs for people with disabilities

Disabilities related to income tax and resident tax persons of income deduction, exemption of automobile tax, light vehicle tax and automobile acquisition tax
Discount of toll road toll, discount of railway fares, discount of domestic air fares, reduction and exemption of NHK broadcasting reception fees, grant of the acquisition cost of the automobile driver's license, grant of automobile cost of remodeling, home improvement costs of subsidies, such as
Since the above subsidy might not be the case, which is subsidized by the grades and requirements, please contact the office in charge for details.

Various services based on the disability Comprehensive Support Law

For the purpose of realizing a society where people with disabilities can live with peace of mind in the community, the comprehensive support law for persons with disabilities was enacted in full force of 18 month, partly enforced 4 month of Heisei 10 year. The services provided under the Comprehensive Support Law for Persons with Disabilities are roughly divided into "independence support benefits" which are implemented on a uniform nationwide basis, and the towns are divided into groups based on the flexibility of the business depending on the situation of the local people and users Regional Life Support Project "to be implemented. The comprehensive support benefits are divided into "disability welfare service", "support medical care for independence" and "prosthetic equipment cost".
※ It is need to apply in the case of use of the various services.

Various services based on the Child Welfare Act

Child Welfare Act is a system in which children with disabilities is aimed at realization of a society to be able to live in peace in the region. In children with disabilities Outpatient support municipalities, children with disabilities entrance support will now grant decision in the prefecture.
※ If you use the service you will need, such as application and services use planning.

Mentally and physically handicapped dependents mutual aid

By protection who are dependents of the person with disabilities pay a certain premium in life, parents, when the chance of death, or, when the severely disabled has become persons, were protected in their parents we paid a pension of life a certain amount to people with disabilities.


1 class from physical disability certificate 3 class, those of less than 65 age that support the people with disabilities in nursing notebook owner or spirit

Welfare paid transport service business

 it is recognized that it is difficult to move, regardless of the assistance by people with disabilities, etc., and alone to the taxi any other person it is difficult to use public transportation, to implement the transfer by the welfare paid transportation business you have.

Implementation office in NAGAWA

Day service center Nagato 68-0226
Day service center Wada 88-0077
Mountain of child Gakuen joint village (Bratt) 68-2443
※ transportation subject, the scope of transportation, because transportation usage fees will vary by each office, please contact the respective office.

Care allowance (people with disabilities object relations)

In addition to the assistance of the various operations on the day-to-day life, to those who need long-term care with a mental strain to live with (special disability benefits recipients), (a person who has an address in NAGAWA) those who are long-term care paid nursing care allowance.
The amount of the allowance per month 15,000 yen (care period of the month is not paid in the case of less than 15 day of the month)

Mentally and physically handicapped

Heart Shinsho can not be orphans (who) is subjected to a long-term care in the home, if you need temporary care, you can entrust the care in social welfare corporations.

Kidney dysfunction and specific disease treatment outpatient Aid

Have disabilities kidney function, actually to the hospital's for the treatment of ambulatory persons and a particular disease for receiving a blood dialysis therapy, assist in the whole or a part of the hospital costs (such as limits limit Ali).

Friendly housing improvement promotion business to people with disabilities

The room, such as body disabilities of less than 65-year-old to be used at all times, as well as to allow on their own a part of everyday life by the renovation, you can home renovation as aims to reduce the burden of caregivers.
In addition, the subject, the subject construction, there is a limit to the auxiliary limit amount.

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