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[XNUMX] Nagawa Town Disaster Prevention Hazard Map

Published 2023 years 05 month 09 Date

Last updated 2023 years 05 month 10 Date

~ Nagawa Town Hazard Map ~

Evacuation illustration We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the townspeople for their deep understanding of disaster prevention administration.

 In order to provide residents with information about flood damage in rivers and help them prepare in advance,
 In 1,000, the Nagawa Town Disaster Prevention Hazard Map was updated based on the estimated flood area map corresponding to the assumed maximum rainfall (rainfall once in about 1 years) created and published by Nagano Prefecture, which is the river administrator. Did.

 A sand disaster is a disaster in which it is difficult to predict when it will occur.In recent years, there have been many occurrences of locally concentrated Australians, etc., so sand disasters are occurring frequently all over the country.

 Be prepared for emergencies, such as paying attention to observables and weather forecasts from Japan, repeating evacuation drills, and deciding to evacuate to a safe place by deciding local rules. I have to leave.
                 To all the townspeople,Protecting lives is the top priority, and the town will promote an evacuation system that does not cause casualties. Let's create a voluntary disaster prevention organization and think about regional disaster prevention together with everyone in the community.

Basic knowledge of disaster  Evacuation tips and daily preparations  List of Designated Evacuation Facilities/Places

layout drawing


Hazard maps for each district


 Furimachi area


 Nagakubo area


 Daimon area


 Wada district



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