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Convenience store grant service of various certificates using my number card began

Published 2023 years 02 month 01 Date

Last updated 2023 years 02 month 08 Date


 Convenience store grant of various certificates using my number card began.

 From February 2st (Wednesday) in Nagawa Town, you can use your My Number Card (personal number card) to
 We have started a convenience store issuing service that allows you to obtain various certificates at convenience stores nationwide.

 Certificates can be obtained even during hours when the office is not open, such as Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and at night, so please use it.


Obtainable certificate


Those who can obtain


A copy of the resident's card


Those who have a resident registration in Nagawa Town.

You can obtain information for yourself and the same household.

You cannot get expulsion due to moving out or death.

Resident's card code is not listed.

Seal registration certificate


Those who have a seal registered in Nagawa Town.

Only the certificate of the person can be obtained.

If you have not registered your seal, please

Registration is required at the office.

Family register (excerpt)



Those who have their permanent domicile in Nagawa Town.

*If your permanent domicile is other than Nawa-cho, please contact the municipality where your permanent domicile resides.


We can acquire certificate of the person and the same family register.

It is not possible to get expulsion from the family register or aratameseihara family register.

*If you do not have a resident registration in Nagawa Town, please register in advance.

User registration is required.

User registration application method (external site)

A copy of the family register appendix



Available stores

Lawson, Seven Eleven, Family Mart, Circle K Sunkus, Ministop,
Save On, Seicomart, Community Store, Aeon Retail, Welcia Pharmacy, etc.

*Limited to stores that have a kiosk terminal (multi-copy machine) that can issue certificates.

Available store information (external site)


Utilization time

6:30 a.m. to 11:XNUMX p.m. (only during store business hours)

* Excluding the year-end and New Year holidays (December 12th to January 29rd) and system maintenance days.

 Click here for service suspension information


How to Use

My number card (thing with electronic certificate for user proof)
Set it on the kiosk terminal (multi-copy machine) installed in the convenience store,
You can obtain a certificate by following the instructions on the screen and entering the PIN that you set when obtaining the card.

*If there are two or more certificates, they will be issued without being spelled out.The certificate contains a unique number and number of pages,
It is now possible to judge one by one.Please be careful not to forget to take it as it will be a valid certificate.

Operation procedure (external site)



 ・Basic Resident Register cards, notification cards, and seal registration cards cannot be used.

 ・It will take several days for the details to be reflected when you notify your family register or change your address.

 ・Even if the certificate is obtained by mistake, refunds and exchanges are not possible.

・If you enter the 4-digit PIN incorrectly 3 times, it will be locked.
 To cancel, please bring your My Number card to the office counter and go through the procedures to reset your PIN.

・It cannot be obtained on the day you issue your My Number Card or on the day you renew your electronic certificate.

 ・Certificates may not be obtained due to issuance restrictions.

 ・When obtaining a seal registration certificate at the office counter, please bring your seal registration card with you.



  Automatic issuance of certificates, etc. at convenience stores, etc. [Homepage of the Agency for Local Authority Information Systems]

  My number card comprehensive site [J-LIS

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