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The ratio of burden on the counter for medical care for the elderly will be reviewed.

Published 2022 years 02 month 28 Date

Last updated 2022 years 02 month 28 Date

From October 10, XNUMXth year of Reiwa, those who have income above a certain level among the medical insured for the elderly will be charged XNUMX% of the medical expenses at the counter.
Based on the taxable income and income amount of the insured person during the XNUMXrd year of Reiwa, it will be judged on a household basis, and the insured person's card with "XNUMX%" will be sent to the applicable person before the enforcement date. ..

■ Standard of XNUMX% burden

"Taxable income of 200 yen or more" and "Pension income + other total income amount of XNUMX million yen or more"

* Taxable income is the amount of "taxable standard" in the residence tax payment notice.
* Pension income does not include survivor's pension or disability pension.
* If there are two or more insured persons, "the total of pension income + other total income amount is 320 million yen or more"

■ Background of the review

From 2022, the baby boomer generation will begin to be over 75 years old, and it is expected that the support for the late-stage elderly will increase along with medical expenses.
This review is to reduce the burden on the working generation and maintain universal health insurance.

■ Consideration measures

Of those who will be burdened with XNUMX% for XNUMX years from the enforcement, the increase in the burden of outpatient medical care for one month will be suppressed to XNUMX yen as a consideration for patients who receive frequent long-term consultations.

Example) When the total medical expenses are XNUMX yen

・ If you pay XNUMX%, the counter burden is XNUMX yen.
・ If you pay XNUMX%, the counter burden is XNUMX yen.
(Once you pay XNUMX yen at the counter, XNUMX yen + XNUMX yen increase in burden will be applied, and the difference of XNUMX yen will be paid as a high-cost medical treatment.)

* In order to provide high-cost medical expenses promptly and reliably, we will send a "high-cost medical expenses advance application form" to those who do not have an account registration immediately before the enforcement date.


■ Questions regarding this review

Call center telephone 0120-002-719
(Reception: Monday to Saturday, XNUMX am to XNUMX pm)


[Inquiries] Nagano Prefecture Medical Care for the Elderly Wide Area Union Telephone 026-229-5320

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