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"Nagawa-cho new coronavirus XNUMXth wave response emergency support fund" will be provided

Published 2022 years 02 month 09 Date

Last updated 2022 years 02 month 09 Date

With the arrival of the XNUMXth wave of the new coronavirus, economic activities have been stagnant due to "self-restraint of dinner" and "self-employment of traffic" due to requests for cooperation in shortening business hours and closing of restaurants, etc. We will provide emergency assistance to corporations and sole proprietors who are engaged in the following businesses.


★ Benefit recipients ★

(XNUMX) The following small and medium-sized enterprises, etc. who continue to operate businesses in the town as of February XNUMX, XNUMXth year of Reiwa.
    ・ Restaurant business ・ Accommodation business ・ Road passenger transportation business ・ Travel business
    ・ Food and drink manufacturing industry ・ Food and beverage wholesale and retail business
(XNUMX) Others approved by the mayor.
(XNUMX) Willingness to continue business activities even after the payment of benefits.
(25) Representatives, officers, employees and other employees or members of the applicant company are involved in the gangsters, etc. stipulated in the Nagawa-cho gangster exclusion ordinance (December 12, 25 Ordinance No. 39). Not doing.

★ Benefit conditions ★

Of those eligible for benefits, the restaurant and accommodation businesses are subject to registration in the "Shinshu Safe Shop" certification system, and other industries are required to make a "New Corona Countermeasure Promotion Declaration" to thoroughly implement infection control measures. do.

★ Benefit amount ★  The flat rate is 15 yen. (However, it is limited to once per business operator.)

★ Application period ★  Reiwa 14th February 10th (Monday) to March XNUMXth (Thursday)

★ Application documents ★  Please refer to the attached "Payment Procedure".

Nagawa-cho new coronavirus 6th wave response emergency support payment procedure [DOCX: 20KB]

Nagawa-cho New Coronavirus 6th Wave Emergency Assistance Fund Application and Invoice [XLSX: 32KB]

★ Contractor ★  Nagawa Town Chamber of Commerce

        Note) When submitting documents, please be sure to make a reservation.

★ Benefit time ★  As below

Declaration acceptance date

Payment date

Payment method

February XNUMXth (Monday) to XNUMXth (Friday)

March XNUMX (Thursday)

By bank transfer

March XNUMXst (Tuesday) to XNUMXth (Thursday)

Wednesday, March XNUMX


■ Inquiries / application reservation destination   Nagawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Phone 0268-68-2651