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About the remaining section of Tateiwa Ochiai Housing Complex

Published 2021 years 05 month 12 Date

Last updated 2023 years 09 month 19 Date


 In the Tateiwa Ochiai Housing Complex Phase XNUMX, we purchased the land around the subdivision, which was an irregular lot, and redeveloped it.
 We have decided to sell two plots of land.

 The redeveloped land is located in Furumachi, Nagawa Town, and a nursery school, elementary school, junior high school, and hospital are within a 10-minute drive.
 It is located in a location that is easy to access to the Ueda and Suwa areas.

 In addition, elementary and junior high school lunches for children living in Nagawa Town are free of charge, etc.
 We are developing various child-rearing support projects, so it is an environment suitable for raising children.
 Please see below for other detailed conditions.


Tateiwa Ochiai Housing Complex

Tateiwa Ochiai Housing Estate Administration Service

About Tateiwa Ochiai housing estate sale

1 Conditions for sale application

  1. (1) Households leading to settlement, establishment
  2. (2) Person who wants to build a house for the purpose of resident but who is difficult to obtain residential land
  3. (3) Persons who can complete the construction of houses within 3 years from the day of the resale contract
  4. (4) At the same time as the sale contract, payment of the sales price equivalent to 30% of the selling price is paid as prepayment and those who can deliver the balance within 2 months
  5. (5) Persons with solidarity guarantor
  6. (6) In principle, apply for one person's compartment.
  7. (7) Who can join the local residents' association (Tateiwa Self-Governing Association) and cooperate with the ward (lower district) and town administration
  8. (8) Who can join the fire brigade
  9. (9) not being a member of organized crime groups or similar organizations
    1. ※ We will preliminary screening in advance so please be aware.

2 Qualification of a solidarity guarantor

Person who has reasonable asset credit that can guarantee debt burden, such as sales price, and is not the same household as applicant

3 How to apply

  1. (1) The applicant himself / herself please go.
  2. (2) Fill in the necessary information on "Residential Split Application Form" and apply. Please also submit attached document along with the application form.
  3. (XNUMX) Attached documents are tax payment certificate (applicant, joint guarantor), income certificate (applicant, joint guarantor),
  4.    Resident card copy (applicant)

4 Reception of application form

  1. (1) Reception by mail can also be accepted.
  2. (2) Application form
    1. Construction condition [PDF: 50KB]

    2. Tateiwa Ochiai Housing Estate Sale Application Form [XLS: 30KB]

5 Document selection

  1. (1) Based on the contents of the application form that received the application, we will strictly review the document.
  2. (2) With regard to the result of document examination, we will contact the person who does not fall under the application conditions.

6 Conclusion of contract

Those who received the decision to sell, please prepare land purchase agreement by contract date and sign contract. The contract will be sent at a later date.

XNUMX Expenses, etc.

Regarding purchase of residential land, the following costs will be charged separately, so please refer.

  1. (66,000) Water supply subscription contribution 13 yen (XNUMX mm)
  2. (2) Sewer subscription fee 350,000 Yen
  3. (33,000) Cable TV fee and contribution XNUMX yen (new subscription registration fee)
    lead-in construction cost actual cost)
  4. (4) Registration fee 50,000 around the yen

XNUMX Local situation





[Other subdivision site information]

Hosoo Housing Complex

Location: Wakada, Chowa, Oken

Field: Residential area

Electricity: Chubu Electric Power

Water supply: Public water supply

Sewerage: merger septic tank

Road: Paved

Peripheral information: ○ Hospital / Yodakubo hospital: about 11km ○ Educational institution / Wada nursery school: about 2.4km, Wada elementary school: about 2.4km,

      Yodakubo Nanbu Junior High School: Approximately 12.3km ○ Nagawa Town Hall: Approximately 10.2km ○ Transportation / Shinano Railway Oya Station: Approximately 23.2km

      ○ Life / Nearest supermarket: Approximately 17.8km, Convenience store: Approximately 7.0km

Number of partitions: Remaining 3 partitions





Compartment No. Area (m2) Price (yen) Location
21 441.55 4,794,804 NAGAWA Wada Hosoo 4173-3
22 501.65 5,447,466 NAGAWA Wada Hosoo 4173-4
23 481.30 4,964,619 NAGAWA Wada Hosoo 4173-5








Construction Water Division construction arable land engagement
TEL : 0268-75-2049

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