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"Medical warning" was issued in all prefectures

Published 2021 years 04 month 09 Date

Last updated 2021 years 04 month 09 Date

 In Nagano prefecture, the infection has spread rapidly since the middle of March, and the number of new positives in the last week [April XNUMX (Thursday) to XNUMX (Wednesday)] has increased to XNUMX. "Mutant strains" have also been confirmed, which have been pointed out to be more susceptible to infection than strains and to prolong the medical treatment period.
 As of the XNUMXth, the actual ratio of inpatients to the number of beds that can be accepted in all prefectures is XNUMX%, which puts a heavy load on the medical care provision system.
 In addition, all prefectures accept patients in areas with many new positives, and some may not be admitted to a nearby medical institution.
 Given the nationwide trend of infection, there are concerns about further spread of infection in the prefecture, so "medical warnings" have been issued to all prefectures and the infection alert level in all areas has been raised to XNUMX (already at the level). "New Coronavirus Warning" was issued (excluding areas with XNUMX or more).
 Recognizing that "it is an extremely important phase of whether or not the increase in inpatients can be stopped", in order to protect important lives and livelihoods, we are in line with "Requests for issuing" medical alerts "". Please take the necessary actions.


 At the same time, "Request for shortening business hours for restaurants that provide alcoholic beverages in some areas of Nagano City" was extended until April XNUMX (Thursday) and issued to Nagano City. The target area of ​​"New Coronavirus Special Warning II" has been expanded to the entire Nagano area until April XNUMX (Wednesday).

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 ・ Request for issuing "medical warning"
 ・ Extension of request for shorter business hours in Nagano City and issuance of "New Coronavirus Special Warning II" to Nagano area

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