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"New Coronavirus Special Warning I" was issued in the Ueda area

Published 2021 years 03 month 26 Date

Last updated 2021 years 03 month 26 Date

 In the Ueda area, the infection alert level was raised to level 23 on March 19, and the "new coronavirus warning" was issued, but since then, positive people have been confirmed one after another, and the last week (March). From 25th to 34th, there are 10 new positives, or 17.70 per XNUMX population.
 This corresponds to the standard that serves as a guideline for raising the area to level XNUMX in the prefecture's own infection alert level, and there are high-risk cases such as the spread of infection from outbreaks and unknown infection routes. , "Infection is spreading and it is recognized that it is a state that requires special caution", so the infection warning level in the Ueda area was raised to XNUMX, and "New Coronavirus Special Warning I" was issued.
In order to prevent further spread of infection, we are strengthening the measures for infectious diseases implemented by the prefecture as follows.We would like to ask the townspeople and businesses for their continued cooperation in preventing the spread of infection.

[Request for cooperation from townspeople]
(XNUMX) Request cooperation for thorough infection prevention measures at dinner
(XNUMX) Request cooperation to refrain from using restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages that do not comply with the infection spread prevention guidelines.
[Request for cooperation from business operators]
③ Request cooperation for compliance with infection spread prevention guidelines at restaurants, etc.
④ Encourage thorough infection prevention measures in workplaces such as offices and factories.
[Implementation of active inspections, etc.]
⑥ We will carry out more aggressive inspections and cluster measures.

Nagano Prefecture Homepage "Request to prevent the spread of infection"

"New Coronavirus Special Warning I" will be issued in the Ueda area [PDF: 416KB]

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