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Nagawa-cho villa land master plan was formulated

Published 2021 years 03 month 16 Date

Last updated 2021 years 03 month 16 Date

 With the demand for villas for urban residents at that time, eight villas have been developed by towns and property wards for about 50 years, taking advantage of the excellent nature and weather conditions in the town. It was.

 In recent years, these villas have problems with maintenance of infrastructure assets such as roads and water facilities, problems with the management of standing trees in the plot that obstruct the landscape of the villa, and continued use of these villas due to generational changes of owners due to diversification of values. Various issues have been pointed out, such as the issue of

 In order to promote stable management of villas in Nagawa-cho in the future, we will sort out the actual usage of villas and issues for continuous operation and improvement of attractiveness, and how the villas should be managed in the future. Must be considered.

 Therefore, not only improvement measures based on the opinions and intentions of everyone related to the villa area, but also the villa area in the town can play a part in the comprehensive strategy of regional revitalization, so that it can be positioned as a town development asset for the development of Nagawa town administration. In addition, the new theme that will lead the next generation is << ~ Aiming to rebuild "villa town NAGAWA ~", and the goal is to promote the creation of a new villa land image and the management of the villa land integrated with the town administration. The Nagawa-cho villa land master plan formulation committee has been studying from various directions.

 In addition, in identifying issues and considering the direction and measures to be aimed at, we received various opinions through conducting questionnaires to owners and younger generations, and hearing with property wards and regional revitalization cooperation teams, and made public comments. We have just recruited.

 The "Nagawa-cho villa land master plan" (March XNUMXrd year of Reiwa) formulated through such a process is as follows.

Nagawa villa master plan [PDF: 7MB]

Nagawa-cho villa master plan (material) [PDF: 6MB]

Nagawa-cho villa master plan (summary version) [PDF: 2MB]

Background of creating the master plan for the villa in Nagawa Town

 In Nagawa-cho, in order to promote sound management and stable management of the villa area in Nagawa-cho in the future, we will sort out the actual usage of the villa area and issues for continuous operation and improvement of attractiveness, and future villa area. We are proceeding with the formulation of the "Nagawa-cho villa land master plan" that considers how to operate it.

 Regarding the "Nagawa-cho villa land master plan (draft)", we circulated from January 12 to 25, 22rd year of Reiwa, solicited opinions through our website, etc., and received XNUMX opinions from XNUMX people. I did.

 Thank you give us a lot of opinions.

 And the comments received, for the concept of town for the opinions, I will inform you as follows.

Regarding the results of soliciting opinions on the "Nagawa-cho villa master plan (draft)" [PDF: 170KB]

 At the XNUMXth Development Committee meeting held on March XNUMX, the process of soliciting opinions and opinions were examined, and the final "master plan" was approved.


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