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About child allowance

Published 2020 years 06 month 12 Date

Last updated 2021 years 01 month 27 Date

The child allowance is provided to those who are raising children for the purpose of contributing to the well-being and stability of households and contributing to the healthy growth of children who will lead the next generation of society.


 A billing procedure is required to receive a child allowance.As a general rule, the allowance will be paid from the month following the month of request.However, if the date of birth or the scheduled move-out date of the previous address (hereinafter referred to as the "date of fact occurrence") is close to the end of the month, even if the billing date is the next month, if it is within 15 days from the day following the date of fact occurrence. It will be paid from the billed month.Please note that if the billing procedure is delayed, you will not be able to receive the allowance for the delayed month.

[Person who can receive medical treatment (qualification to receive)]

 The following people who have resident registration in Nagawa Town

  • A father or mother who cares for the child to be treated (a person who is in custody and makes a living. If there is a guardian of a minor, the guardian of the minor)
    *In principle, if both parents are working, the person with a higher income is the recipient.
  • A person who is appointed by his/her parent who lives and raises with the child and maintains the livelihood of the child when the parent/resident lives outside Japan (designated person of the parent)
  • Those who are raising children who are not raised by either their parents or designated parents

* If the father and mother are living separately due to divorce, etc. and their living is not the same, it will be paid to the person living with the child.
*The allowance for children enrolled in the facility or entrusted with foster parents will be provided to the facility installer or foster parents.
* If you are a civil servant, please complete the billing procedure at your workplace. (Excluding independent administrative agencies)

[Children eligible for allowance]

 Children living in Japan until graduating from junior high school (first March 15 after reaching the age of 3)
 * Children residing abroad to study abroad may also be eligible.

[Allowance amount]

The allowance will be judged based on the amount of the previous year's income, etc., for each payment year (June to May of the following year) based on the certified invoice and notification of the current status.

*Children under the child allowance system are those who reach the age of 18, until the first day of March 3, and the number of children is counted from the older ones.

Classification Payments of children 1 people (Monthly)
Less than 3 age 15,000 JPY
3 old ~ elementary school graduation The 1, 2 child

10,000 JPY

After 3 child 15,000 JPY
Middle school students 10,000 JPY
Income limit amount or more households of child 5,000 JPY

[When procedures are required]

  • When a child is born
  • When you start to raise children (divorce, remarriage, leaving the facility, etc.)
  • When the recipient is no longer a civil servant (excluding independent administrative agencies)

[Required for procedures]

  • A bankbook of a financial institution in the name of the claimant (one who knows the account number, etc.)
  • A copy of the claimant's health insurance card
  • Those who know the personal number (requestor/spouse)
  • Claimant's identity verification documents (My Number Card, driver's license, etc.)
  • Seal

*There are other documents to be submitted as needed.

[How to pay the allowance]

  • The allowance will be paid by transfer to a financial institution account in the name of the recipient specified during the claim procedure.

[Allowance Month]

  • June every year (February to May)
  • October every year (June to September)
  • February every year (October to January)

*The payment date is XNUMXth of the payment month. However, if it is a holiday, it will be the day before that.

[Current status report]

 Recipients are required to notify the child-rearing status as of June 6st.We will send the status report form to the beneficiaries, so please submit it by the end of June.If you do not submit it, you may not be able to receive the allowance.

 * If the beneficiary and spouse each have income, in principle, the one with the higher income will be the beneficiary after June, so the beneficiary may be changed.

[Application for donation]

For those who want to donate to the municipality where they live without receiving all or part of child allowance, etc., and use it to support the healthy growth of local children, there is a simple donation procedure. .. If you are interested, please contact the Children's Health Promotion Section.

[When notification is required]

If any of the following reasons apply, please take the necessary steps immediately.

  • When new qualifications are received due to birth, transfer from outside town, divorce, remarriage, etc.
  • When you are no longer eligible for payment due to death, transfer, divorce, remarriage, facility entry, detention, etc.
  • When the number of children eligible for payment increases or decreases due to birth, death, divorce, remarriage, facility entrance/exit, etc.
  • When the beneficiary became a public employee (excluding independent administrative agencies)
  • When the recipient is no longer a civil servant (excluding independent administrative agencies)
  • When the address and name of the child being raised has changed
  • When changing the transfer account in the name of the beneficiary
  • When my number of recipient, spouse or child residing outside the city is changed

*Required documents differ depending on the procedure. For details, please contact the Child Health Support Section, Child Health Promotion Section. Please note that if the notification is delayed, it may not be possible to pay the allowance.

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