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Please use the country life life experience housing

Published 2020 years 07 month 08 Date

Last updated 2022 years 05 month 30 Date

Housing interior Housing sketch How to Use Comment Access In Changwa-cho ...






To use ...


  • Those wishing to migrate to Changwa-cho (those who are considering)
  • Those who wish to work or farm in Changwa Town
  • Ability to interact with local residents positively during their stay


  • 1 weekly unit (7 days) ~ longest 1 months (※ year end and new year excepting)

About usage fee etc.

Usage fee Summer May 5st-October 1st 10 yen (31 days)
Winter season Other than the above 17,500 yen (XNUMX days unit)
After completing the application, payment of usage fee will be made and reservation reception will be completed.
  • Usage fee includes utilities' utility water fee, town CATV reception fee, internet use fee included. (Kerosene fee is included in winter)
  • For everyday consumables such as food and beverage expenses at facilities, daily consumables such as washbasins and sanitary wares, please be prepared by the user.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • For other detailed conditions of use etc., please see the official website of Chofu-cho town office.

How to apply

  1. Changwa Town Immigration and Exchange Concierge (Nagato Town Office Planning and Finance Division Town Planning Policy Team)
  2. TEL: 0268-75-2042 FAX: 0268-68-4139
  3. E-mail: kikaku@town.nagawa.nagano.jp
  4. From town HP by 1 months ago on scheduled start dateNagawa-machi country life living experience application application form [DOCX: 18KB]Please download and submit it with a copy of your ID card.

Tips and notes  Please note that we can not respond to applications and inquiries during holidays such as Golden Week and the year-end and New Year holidays.



Comments of family moved to Changwa-machi

Mr. Iwabuchi Family (Immigrating from Chiba Prefecture) Husband: Ryuichi Wife: Mr. Cotton Masao: Amotaro Kunio Second: Jiro Juro

What I'm glad of migrating to Nagatomachi

Nagawa is rich in nature and the air is very clear. The fact that you can see the scenery in the distance is what makes your heart so bright ... It's an experience that you can't feel when you live in Chiba. (Rice and vegetables are very delicious ^^)

Those living in Changwa-cho

The people of Nagato Town are very warmly touched upon us. I feel that it is a warm town that accepts "diversity" in an easy-to-talk environment with people immigrated to Changwa-cho as well as us.

To raise children

I have not felt any inconvenience at the moment. Also I am very thankful that medical expenses are free until 18 years old.

About work

My husband changed job at 39 years old. Currently I work in a neighborhood in Dongmyo. I started acting as a ballet lecturer at the child's pavilion in the town on the occasion that my second son became the older son of a nursery school. In addition, as a campaign team in Nagato Town, I am PRinging the wonderful things of Changwa Town!

Future things

The time may come when children grow up and beyond towns, prefectures, and the world. At that time "I love Changwa-machi"As if to stretch out my heart and to fly, as well as" the place I want to come back ", I wonder if we can always smile brightly, not only for children but also for us.


Comment of family who used Nagaha-cho country living experience-based house

Tokyo resident Mr. T Use with 3

Usage period: Summer XNUM X days

Did you use Nagare Town rural living experience house?

It was clean and easy to spend! The dishes and utensils are complete, so I could cook using the vegetables I received from my neighborhood.

Nagawa-machi, how was it spent?

People were warm! My neighborhood shared vegetables, talked to me while walking a dog, and people who met in the hot spring taught me information about the town!

Even though it was summer, it was cool and the scenery was good, especially when I entered Nagatocho from Ueda, and I could see the mountains and the view broadened!

I wanted to experience winter Nagawa Town too!

Have you gone around Nawa-machi?

There are many places to play around.

We were able to go to the Migahara Kogen, Kuramayama Kogen, Maruko's Pool, Tateshina Town, Saku City, Shikanoyu Onsen, Wada Hotel and many more!


From the questionnaire of the users of experience living in the countryside of Nagawa Town

We would like to introduce the valuable voices of everyone who came to Nagawa-cho, such as what they actually felt and how they used the experience-based housing.

◎Impression of Nagawa Town

・It was very comfortable in summer, but how much snow and cold in winter. I wanted to experience winter again.

・Water that is not available in the city is delicious. I usually buy bottled water in my daily life, so I felt it was natural water.

・It was very interesting to learn that the Paleolithic period was discovered and researched in recent years. I was surprised that obsidian was very valuable to the people of that era and was a major center of mining and production, and I was deeply moved by the historical value of the land.

・I'm glad that the people involved in the regional development of Nagawa Town felt kindly warm to the migrants.

・Although I used the hot spring facility in Nagato-cho several times, the staff was also kind to children, and the local people also spoke to me and it was a nice hot spring. ..

・Grandma said, "It's cold, but it's a good place." I wonder if that's the case, because those who have lived for a long time say that. It was also good that the local community was very hard and had a fever.

・After staying for one week, I became a fan of Shinshu and Nagawa.

・The charm of Nagawa Town is that it is convenient to go anywhere. It was surrounded by Ueda City, Komoro City, Saku City, Suwa City, Okaya City and Matsumoto City in a clockwise direction, and I was able to stretch out comfortably during my stay.

・Because I am interested in history, I was impressed by the remains of the headquarters of Wadajuku. It is also a good memory to walk along the old road near the facility at dusk, thinking of the Imperial Palace Wagu down the Nakasendo. In all, it was a dream time.

・It was fun to get close to the nature in Nagato and to get away from the local people.

◎ Impressions of experience-based housing

・It was a very big house, like an old grandma's house.

・It is correct that you came in winter. I was able to know the difficult times.

・I was so comfortable that I thought that it would have been better if I used this facility according to the events that were more involved with the local people.

・Since I was able to live comfortably, I encouraged local friends who are making crafts to try it once. I would like to continue to value the connection with Nagawa Town.

・The house is new and I was able to use it comfortably in the bath, toilet, kitchen. We were grateful that our neighbors were friendly and freshly picked vegetables and pickles.

・The facilities available are also substantial, and I was able to experience the feeling of returning to the countryside.

-I was surprised that the interior was so beautiful that I couldn't imagine it from its old-fashioned appearance. The originals such as the beams and ceiling still remain, so I felt the charm as an old folk house.

・The room was very spacious, bright and airy. It was a wasteful number of rooms to rent individually.

・It is possible to drive from the expressway in 30 minutes by car. Convenient convenience store and hot spring nearby.

・XNUMXLDK, the room was very large, and it was refreshing to have a life that cannot be experienced in the city.





Event of Nagato Town Event schedule

Spring: 4 Mihagahara Takahara Opening Festival
5 Spring Nagato Ranch Festival / Mikigahara ranch grazing festival
Summer: 6 Wada Inn Stage Wakana Festival / Malmelo City
7 Mikigahara trail run in Nagawa / quince Malmelo
8 Wada Kosako Festival Festival / Black Yellow Stone Festival Festival
Fall: 9 Whiskey & Via Camp / Townmen's sports festival
10 Harbor festival of Queen City / Nagato ranch festival in autumn
11 New buckwheat festival (in various parts of town)
Winter: 12 Open ski resort
1 Toyosei Univ. Shrine and Festival
3 Himeki Snow Festival




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Country Living Experience Housing Location Map

Contact us

Planning and Finance Section
TEL: 0268-75-2042
FAX: 0268-68-4139