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Nakasendo - Discover the charm! Shinshu Historical Road -

Published 2018 years 11 month 20 Date

Last updated 2018 years 11 month 21 Date

Episode Nakasendo FlyerHosting requirements

"The country of Shinano is a country that is bounded by the city of Zhuzhou, the mountains are rather high and the river that is expensive is rather distant"
(Established 43 month of Showa 5 year)

 This is the opening passage of the prefectural song "Shinano no Kuni", which is sung by the citizens of Nagano.This year marks the 50th anniversary of its establishment.As the lyrics say, Nagano Prefecture is connected to ten neighboring countries (currently eight prefectures) by high mountains and long rivers.
 Shinano is a mountainous country.Rugged roads over passing roads and rivers with difficult points have been used as important transportation routes for Nagano Prefecture, which has no sea.In the Edo period, post stations were established and formed at the foot of the pass to heal the tiredness of travelers.The remnant of this is the road shape on the pass, which is a post town with eaves.It can be said that this historical path is the origin of the present Nagano Prefecture.In Nagano Prefecture, 54 historical road survey reports were published by 8, starting with "Nakasendo" in 28, in order to understand the current state of roads in the region and to consider their protection and utilization.A part of Nagiso Town and Nagawa Town has been designated and protected as a historic site Nakasendo.
 In addition to carefully protecting the path of history, it can be said that it is a dynamic thing that we, who live in the present, can walk, see, and feel.Historical road walking and post station tour events are held in various places, including four roads in the prefecture that joined the "8 selections of historical roads" selected by the government in 4, and not only local residents but also domestic and foreign tourists It is used as a place for customers to walk, see, and be impressed by the roads of Shinshu.
 On the other hand, the development of high-speed transportation networks and bypass roads is progressing, and the number of people who come and go between the old-fashioned roads and the quaint cityscape is decreasing, and the vitality of the area is being lost.
 Through commemorative lectures, reports on examples of efforts to disseminate and utilize the charm of historical roads, and walking on Nakasendo, this conference will deepen the study of people involved in historical roads, deepen the study of people involved in the country, and exchange information on initiatives in each region. I will try.In addition, by opening it to the public, it will be an opportunity to rediscover the charm of old roads that are buried in the area and are likely to be forgotten.

◆ Date: Heisei 30 year 11 month 23 day (Friday, work thanks day), 11 month 24 day (Saturday)

◆ Venue:

  • November 11 (Friday): Lecture Shimosuwa Cultural Center Yamabiko Hall (23-4611 Shimosuwa Town, Suwa District)
  • 11 month 24 day (Saturday): On-site inspection
    ① Wada Pass crossing over, Wado inn or Nagakubo inland tour (Shimosuwa-cho to Kochi-gun, Chowa-cho)
    ② Shimosuwa Inn Tour (in Shimosuwa Town) <Nakasendo 2 Course>

◆ Participation Fee: Free

  The 14th National History Road Conference Nagano Prefectural Convention Executive Committee
  Agency for Cultural Affairs Nagano Prefectural Board of Education Nagano Town Board of Education Shimosuwa Town Board of Education (* 125th Anniversary of Shimosuwa Town System Enforcement)

◆ Assistance:
 National Historic Site Maintenance Municipal Council, National Historical Site Maintenance Municipal Council Kita Shinetsu District Council, Nagano Prefecture Tourism Organization, Shinshu / Nagawa Town Tourism Association, Shimosuwa Tourism Association, Shinano Mainichi Shimbun, NHK, Nagano Daily, Shimosuwa Citizen's Newspaper Company, Toshin Journal Company, LCV, Kuroya no Sato Yuinetto

◆ Cooperation: Nagiso Town Board of Education, Odya Village Board of Education, East Shinshu Nakasendo Liaison Committee, Chubu Forestry Administration Nanzhou Forest Management Office, Tonoshin Forest Management Office

◆ Secretariat 【14 times national history road conference · Nagano prefecture convention tournament committee】
  Nagano Prefectural Board of Education Secretariat Cultural Properties / Lifelong Learning Division
  〒380-8570 長野市大字南長野字幅下692-2 ℡026-235-7441 FAX026-235-7493

Competition Schedule

◆ Day 1 【November 23 (Fri · Labor Thanksgiving Day)】
Venue: Shimosuwa Comprehensive Cultural Center Yamabiko Hall (4611-40 Shimosuwa-cho, Suwa-gun)

12:30 Receptionist  
13:00 Opening Ceremony
  Suwa Taisha pillar big festival wood fire song (Shimosuwasamachi wood preservation society)
AM13:10 ~ PM13:30 Opening event Organizer's greetings Agency for Cultural Affairs
Open: 13:30 - 13:50 Venue announcement
  "The Road of Shinshu's History - A History of Its Preservation and Utilization"
    (One good) Nagano Prefecture Culture Promotion Agency Nagano Prefecture Reserve Cultural Property Center Survey No. 3 Section Manager Hideo Sakurai
Open: 13:50 - 14:40 Commemorative lecture
  "Nakasendo and area studies - from literature survey of Nagakubo inn Honjin - cho" -
    Meiji University Faculty of Literature Professor Yoshida Yu
Open: 14:40 - 14:50 Break (10 minutes)
Open: 14:50 - 15:10 Report 1  
  "Nakasendo road history road project - 50 year of trial and error -"
    Nagiso Town Museum museum honorary director Takashi Toyama
Open: 15:10 - 15:30 Report 2  
  "Nakasendo Wada inn and hospitality"
    Wada Okamen Omen's Association Chairman Kaoru Rika
Open: 15:30 - 15:50 Report 3  
  "Nakasendo and Lifelong Learning - Following the Nakasendo and now and the past" -
    Nagano prefectural historic center literature historical materials manager Mr. Ono Kazuhide Ono
Open: 15:50 - 16:00 Break (10 minutes)
Open: 16:00 - 16:20 Report 4  
  "Disseminating the charm of the Senkoku Kaido-Following the'salt road'that connects life from the Sea of ​​Japan to Shinshu-"
    Kotani Village Cultural Property Protection Committee Vice Chairman Shozo Tanaka (former president of Saltwater Road)
Open: 16:20 - 16:40 Report 5  
  "Building the Nakasendo brand"
    (1 company) Nagano Prefecture Tourism Organization Inbound Promotion Dept. Director and Inbound Support Center Director Goto Iwamoto
Open: 16:40 - 16:50 A review  
  Agency for Cultural Affairs 
Open: 16:50 - 17:00 Next meeting prefecture greetings 
17:00 Closing remarks (Nagano Prefecture Board of Education Cultural Property & Lifelong Learning Section Manager)

◆ Day 2 Nakasendo Walking 【11 Mon 24 Sun (Saturday)】

※ We closed because we have become quorum.

① Wada Inn / Nagakubo Inn Tour (bus / walking / 1 day course) Capacity 100 name

② Shimosuwa Osaka Accommodation Tour (walking only, half-day course) Capacity 50

Chief Nakasendo Flyer [PDF: 2MB]

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Education Division cultural assets engagement
TEL: 0268-88-0030

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