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Questionnaire about the future of regional agriculture

Published 2018 years 09 month 12 Date

Last updated 2018 years 09 month 13 Date

Thank you very much for your cooperation in this questionnaire to many of you.

◆ Outline of questionnaire implementation ◆

【Purpose of Survey】
 In recent years, I am worried about the future of regional agriculture due to the aging of the population, the shortage of successors, and the increase in abandoned cultivated land.
 Therefore, we will ask about the direction of agricultural management in the near future in XNUMX years and XNUMX years, and carry out to connect the owners of farmland that is not cultivated or farmland that will not be cultivated in the future with the leading farmers and new farmers. did.
【Survey target】
 It is intended for those who live in Nagawa Town and own (including rent) farmland of 1a (300 tsubo, XNUMX tsubo) or more.
【Survey method】

  • Distribution It distributed and distributed to the March issue of public circulation "Nagagawa" distributed.
  • Collection The agricultural committee member farmland optimization promotion committee collected from mid-March.
  • The period was from March 10 to April 30.

◆ Collection result



Nagakubo Daimon Wada The entire

Number of target households (door)

364 182 233 424 1,203

Number of households collected (door)

301 178 198 340 1,017

Recovery rate(%)

82.7 97.8 85.0 80.2 84.5

◆ Utilizing questionnaire results ◆

 We were able to understand your intentions for agricultural management in the near future by listening to your thoughts and thoughts on agriculture.
 As an agricultural committee, we will use it as basic data for "thinking about the future of regional agriculture."
 We will prevent and eliminate the occurrence of abandoned cultivated land by conducting various projects so that the lease of farmland to the leading farmers and new farmers will proceed.
Please see the attached file for the outline of the questionnaire execution and the answer result.

01 total result (Nagato-cho whole) [PDF: 72KB]

02 total result (Furuicho) [PDF: 59KB]

03 total result (Nagakubo) [PDF: 54KB]

04 total result (Daimon) [PDF: 59KB]

05 total result (Wada) [PDF: 54KB]

06 Free entry field (Nagato-cho whole) [PDF: 198KB]

Contact us

Industry Promotion Division Agriculture Office
TEL: 0268-75-2047

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