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About support measures etc. based on Productivity Improvement Special Measures Law

Published 2018 years 07 month 09 Date

Last updated 2018 years 07 month 09 Date

1 We are accepting applications for certification of introduction of advanced equipment etc. 

 The "Act on Special Measures for Productivity Improvement" was enforced on June XNUMX, XNUMX to improve labor productivity by promoting capital investment in small and medium-sized enterprises, small businesses, etc., in accordance with the provisions of the law. Since the consent of the government has been obtained for the "Nagawa Town Introduction Promotion Basic Plan" that has been formulated, the Commerce, Industry and Tourism Section of the Industrial Promotion Division is accepting applications for certification of the "Advanced Equipment Introduction Plan" formulated by each company. ..

 * Please refer to the following guide when formulating an introduction plan for advanced equipment.

Guide to formulation of introduction plan for advanced equipment etc. [PDF: 2MB]

2 Main support measures

 SMEs, etc. who have been certified as "advanced equipment introduction plan" can receive the following support measures for advanced equipment, etc. introduced according to the plan.

(1) There is a preferential treatment, such as being added at the time of examination in case of receiving the subsidy system of the country.

   * For details on the details of the subsidy project and recruitment status"Small and Medium Business Administration Website"Please verify.

(2) If certain requirements are met, we can take measures to reduce property tax.

※ In Changwa Town, setting the taxation standard of fixed asset tax to "0" will make the burden of fixed asset tax amount of acquisition equipment "0".

For procedures on mitigation measures, please contact the General Affairs Division Tax Office (Telephone 0268 - 75 - 2063).

(3) We can receive financial support.

3 About "Basic Plan for Promoting the introduction of Changwa-machi"

 Please see from the following link.

Basic plan for promoting the introduction of Changwa-cho [PDF: 126KB]

4 Formulation of "advanced equipment introduction plan"

(1) Scale of certified small and medium-sized enterprises

 "Small and medium-sized enterprises" stipulated in Article XNUMX, Paragraph XNUMX of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Management Enhancement Law are eligible.

 (The main ones are as follows)

Industry type

Amount of capital or amount of contribution

The number of employees who constantly use

Manufacturing industry · Construction industry · Transportation industry etc.

Below 300 million yen

300 or fewer

Wholesale trade

Below 100 million yen

100 or fewer

Service industry

Below 5,000 yen

100 or fewer

Retail trade

Below 5,000 yen

50 or fewer

(2) Main matters, etc. stipulated in "Introduction of advanced equipment etc." (notes etc.)

 A Planning period (XNUMX years, XNUMX years or XNUMX years from the approval of the plan)

 B. Details of introduction of advanced equipment, etc.

  (XNUMX) Target for improving labor productivity by introducing advanced equipment (set a target for improving labor productivity by an average of XNUMX% or more per year compared to the base year (the end of the latest business year) during the planning period)

  (XNUMX) Type of advanced equipment, etc. and introduction time (Start construction, introduce mechanical equipment, etc. after approval of the plan)

 C Other precautions

  (XNUMX) Must conform to the national "introduction promotion guidelines" and the city's "introduction promotion basic plan".

  (XNUMX) It is expected that the introduction of advanced equipment, etc. will be carried out smoothly and reliably.

  (XNUMX) The plan must be confirmed in advance by a certified management innovation support organization (commercial and industrial association, financial institution, etc.).

5 Other

(1) The style etc."Small and Medium Enterprise AgencyHP'Please download from.

(2) Application documents (attached document) etc.

  A. Certification application for the introduction plan for advanced equipment, etc.

  B. Introduction plan for advanced equipment, etc.

  C. Prior confirmation of certified management innovation support organization

  D. Industry Association Certificate (Please contact us if you cannot meet the application.)

※ We may ask you to attach documents that we deem necessary for approval of other plans.

Contact us

Industry Promotion Division Chamber of Commerce and Industry tourism engagement
TEL: 0268-75-2047

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