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H30 Oda and festivals

Published 2018 years 01 month 12 Date

Last updated 2018 years 01 month 14 Date

Origin of Otaya Festival and floats

H30topFurumachi of NAGAWA (formerly Nagakubo Furumachi) located in Yutaka Furumachi 受大 of Shrine annual festival is known as commonly known Otaya Festival.
Its origin at the end of the Edo era, the document of 1828 years (1828) is, but at the moment has been left as the oldest record, festival is considered to have been made from quite older than this before.
In Yutaka Furumachi 受大 Shrine following the Ise Shrine, is performed Senza festival every 20 years, annual festival will take place until noon of 15 days from the evening of January 14 every year. Home to some of the customers are, to this day in the beginning of the year, has a to and the departure of its age and Narawashi.
People of pilgrimage Ueda, also visited from Saku district, turnout of about 4 to 50,000 people in these two days is expected.
The Otaya Festival, when the people of life comes out a stable margin, now float is dedicated to actively the festival, is described in the diary of the 1835-year old family holdings (1835) users had, "Onta (journey) ya notice and ranked, decoration materials several places busi- Shinya" sentence of that there is a record of the oldest floats you know now.
As a valuable traditional culture floats are to be handed down a rustic peasant art, is specified in the Nagano Prefecture intangible folk cultural asset selection in 1963, it has been dedicated by 5 location of the Preservation Society of current ward unit.


It floats for the fiscal year 30

[The first field first-class inn]Southern Satomi Hakodate

 H3001"South Minami Satomi Hakodendo"Jin(Jin)-Righteousness(Can)-Thanks(Rei)-Intellect(Chi)-Faith(Inside)-Trust(Shin)-Filial piety(like this)-A(Listen)I had a ball ofEight(Ha ha)dog(Ken)Samurai(Tooth)To be activeWildness(Hirasanji)It is a story of.

 It was about XNUMX years ago (mid-Muromachi period).at that time,Satomi(Satomi)Justice(Yoshizune) TheAhn(Rice field)Half of the country (southern part of Chiba Prefecture)Treatment(Rice)ToArea(Ryo)main(Untitled)Met. One year, Satomi territoryfamine(Famine)Following the neighbor 'sAnzai(Pasta)A scene(Over)Communicating(Ico)It came under attack. Righteousness is my daughterLying(Lidding)princess(Beard)My dogWestern style(Yatsushige)"When I take the head of the scenic area, I will give Fushihime."Play(Bow)Said. Yaobu ​​really takes the neck of the scenic area and justice win.

 Yoshimi cherished Hachifusa, but Hachifusa was not pleased and begged for something.Ambulation(Bruising)Respectively. One day, as Yubo jumped beside Fushimi in the back of the Goten, justice tried to stab the Yaobi with a spear. Fushiba protected Hachiro and said, "Because I have to keep promises, I will go with you", a strange old man gave meEight(,)Oneball(Tama) OfBeads(Juz)I learned. Hachi is the highest in Awa, with Fushimi on his back.Toyama(Toyama)Fushimi came in, and Fushimi lived in the cave in this mountain with Hachi.

 One day, there was a young man dressed as a hunter aiming for Fushihime's cave.First nameFri(Wonder)bowl(ball)Daisuke(Daisuke)And he is the cabinet of righteousness. Law also goes to the cave this day. Daisuke shot the eight shots with a gun to rescue the princess. Fushimi pierced the defense sword against his belly, "with Hachiro." Then smoke glowing from the body of Fushihime came out, wrapped the beads hung on the neck, the letters of Nishi Satoshi Tadanobu Takanobu appeared. The eight beads flew away in the direction of Yoshimi and Daisuke while shining brilliantly. Hachi dogi is bornBeginning(Drought).


[Second field-cho, the upper, middle]Lady Sumi Ako Ako Nanami 47 lecture sites

H3002 The Shogunate in the middle of the Edo periodHigh house(Kokage)The first(Hide) OfKira(Sparkling)Uenozuke(Kozue no Okei)Yoshio(Yoshika)It is,Ako(Let's eat)Lord(Hanju) OfAsano(Asana)Takumi head(Structure of the mechanism)Long rectangle(Snow plow)While teaching things, not teaching anything, shouting in public and shameingScratch(Or)He hurried, and even hit the face with a fan.

 Takumi Asano is finallyWeariness(Canine Whiskey)It began to kill and killed Kira Uenosuke with a sword in the corridor of the pine tree of Edo Castle Honmaru on 14 Yuan 1701 Year (3) Xuan Lu 14 Year (XNUMX), causing a serious injury incident. Shogun TokugawaTsunayoshi(Tsutayoji)I will give the same severance to Asanouchi, but on the other hand I never dispose of it to Kira Uenosuke. The news is Ako clanCastle(Please give)The elderlyA large stone(A lot)Aided help(Kuranosuke)Oishi immediately gathered his vassals in the castle and decided to give up the castle after discussion. The vassals who became wanderers decided to avert Kirishu Uenosuke in order to clear the master's regret.

 In EdoTo go(I think)The strangers watched secretly the state of KiraRemarks(Ukaga)Information that the tea ceremony will be held at Kira HouseGrab(Mound)In other words, this dayEnemy(Only)Discussion(Cormorant)Genroku 15 Year 12 Month 14 day early morning, as the snow danced, 47 Oshima family assistants, 47 former Asano family members, took off at Kira House. In the battle spreading, on the bridge in the garden, Kira Uenosuke was said to have that personStrong man(The strong)Shimizu(Shimmering)(Ichi)Learning(Nuclear)And Ako Roma'sSugino(Too)Ten(Gun)Heiji(Good at),Impressionment(Fluffy)Quantity(number)Gym(Memorial),Minamatsu(Chikamatsu)Intuition(Cans)(Good)And others fought, that Chikamatsu was dropped in a slit pondA gap(Like)Fuwa Amemon took down one school. As soon as the night is about to come,while(A pair of)Jiro(Wallpaper),Wulin(Takanebayashi)Only(However)Seven(Ten)He was hiding in the shed cabinSleepwear(Japanese)I found Kira Uenosuke in appearance and all the wonderful people, including Oishi Inuzashi gathered, confirmed the sword of Kira's forehead, I took off my neck and cleared my master's mind. One row of Ako Ryo has a graveyard of Asanouchi at the footSengakuji(Shinkakuji)Heading to the grave, he gave a head of Kira Uenosuke, and reported the villain. After this, Ako raped guys will be killed by being ordered by the shogunate, but samurai'sKan(Mirror)It was to be handed down as later as.


Nakamachi third fieldBattle field of Ganryu Island

H3003 Musashi Miyamoto was born in 12 (Tensho 1584) and was born in XNUMX.Harima(Harasama)(Hyogo Prefecture) Miyamoto village theory andBeauty work(Mimasaka)(Okayama Prefecture) There is Miyamoto village theory.

 One of the most prominent swordsmen in the history of Japanese kendo, he has been practicing military art since he was a child, and since the duel at the age of 13, he has been undefeated in more than 60 games throughout his life after training in various countries.two(To)Tianyi(Tanchi)(Dyu)The father of the swordmaster, the later yearsHigo(A lizard)Became a guest of the Kumamoto clan "Olympic book(Ginsengisho)"By(Appear)did. Meanwhile, Kasujiro Sasaki,Echizen(Ecology)(Fukui Prefecture) was born, a swordsmen from the Azuchi Momoyama period to the early Edo period,Tomita(How)Momentum(Fault)(Ken)I learned swordsmanship as a bishop, and made a top notch at the age of 16 "Iwao(cancer)(Dyu)I called it. I visited the countries and "Tenancy(A swallow)Okura clan (Fukuoka prefecture) lord lordHosokawa(Shockwave)Loyalty(Asaki)He served.

 Both of these are, as is widely known in novels, theatrical performances, movies, etc.Ganryu Island(Gunmaji)Inmale and female(Mind)I decided. According to the theory, according to Keicho 17 year (1612) 4 Monday on the Monday 13 day, Musashi arrives on the island late by the appointed time. Waited for KojiroIndignantly(Many things)And the swordsheath(A pod)I threw it away. Musashi who saw it said, "Kojiro is defeated or important if it is a winnersheath(A pod)Why throw it away. Refreshing, at the edge of the beachShadow(Stone)Match each other and try to get to know each other. Kojiro tried his skill by betting his life with serious swordsmanship, but Musashi was ship'sscaffold(The filtrate)I defeated the opponent with a blow of a long wooden sword that shaved off.

 The island of this decisive battle is an uninhabited island floating in the Kanmon Straits in Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, and is officially called Funashima.Ganryu Island(Gunmaji)It came to be called. The majority of this island is now maintained as a park, and artificial beaches and multipurpose plazas are established.


Fourth parking downtown, Fujimi-choUrayasu dance place

H3004 Damage caused by the typhoon No. 10 in October last year occurred in various parts of the town.The main shrine of Toyokedai Jingu was spared damage, but the office was severely damaged.Therefore, we decided to dedicate the scene of "Urayasu no Mai" in prayer for the reconstruction of the office and the peaceful life of the local people.

 Urayasu no Mai was held in 15.Imperial period(Previous)Twenty-six thousand yearscelebration(Husbandry)In conjunction with the "Kaikai", in conducting an occasional festival at a shrine throughout the country,Sacrifice(Fight)ToShinto music(Kagura)dance(Mai)It was planned to newly createMiyauchi(Will be late)(Nuclear)unit(Fu) OfChief(Corpuscle)Ismany(Angular)Tung Dynasty(At any rate)But,National wind(Smoked)A dance(Uta)And Kagura Mai who composes and dances on the foundation of Kagura Mai transmitted to the whole country shrine (who plays the instrumentcourt musician(Reconstruction)Is called).

 The lyrics are "Heaven and earth(Praise)"A world that does not wave like the sea of ​​the morning nagisa praying to the god of the world". Urayasu no Mai is "morning.calm(Without)I pray to the gods of heaven and earth for peaceful days without waves like the sea of ​​the sea. It is a dance that wishes for a peaceful life and peace.   

 I would like to wholeheartedly dedicate the dance of Urayasu with you and pray for a peaceful life and a peaceful year.

 In addition, a local junior high school second grade girl is dancing as a shrine maiden here, and she is also a longing existence who wants to serve as a shrine maiden.Officially, it is a four-person dance, but it may also be performed as a one-person dance or a two-person dance.It is said that three-person dance is also performed here due to the number of second-year junior high school students.The dance consists of the first half of the fan dance and the second half of the bell dance.This scene isbell(Tin)A fog(A cow)It is the scene of the second half Suzu Mai who is dancing with.


Sakuramachi fifth fieldSaigo (Sō) Den · Southern War "Battle of Tasaruzaka Battle" place

H3005 At the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, the Tokugawa shogunate was safe for over 200 years.Failure(Roughness)When the crack began to appear,Saigo(Age)Prosperity(Takamori) TheSatsuma(Satsuma)In the country Kagoshima castle, I was born as the eldest son of the seven people brothers. Despite being from a lower-level samurai, he became the central character of the black-and-white movement and is a giant who moved the history of Japan.

 The Satsuma Rebellion, the last civil war in Japan, began in January 10 when a part of the students of a private school newly established by Saigo in Kagoshima went out of control.Saigo decided to raise troops,Kirino(Misty)Rika(Morning sun)The center was formed and troops organized, and the advance to Kumamoto castle began. In response to the report of the Sogo army's army, the government was lieutenant General Army ·Yamagata(Yamagata)Tomo(There is), Lieutenant General Navy · KawamuraJuni(Sumiyoshi)Took over to Kagoshima and began to suppress the rebellion. At the Tanbaruzaka which is sung in Kumamoto folk songs "Tanbaruzaka that rains falls falling horse rides will not get wet", the Saigo army and the government forces collide. SatsumaVisualization(Talent)(Dyu)A fierce battle of swordsman and government army police sword squadron is spread. Before the offensive of the government army throwing down rain and a mist, maximum troops, the Saigo army was destroyed on 3 month 20 day. It was said to be Tennozan of the Southwest War, and it was a fierce battle to bring out more than 4000 battle troops together for both armies.

 Of the Meiji RestorationBrilliant(Symbol)However, to the new governmentRevolting flag(Beer)TheTranslate(Flickeringly)Takamori Saigo who did it. A motto of motto "Respecter of Respect(Keynote speech)Following the end of the Tokugawa shogunate and restoration, while being enveloped in various mysteries, it still has gained enormous popularity.


Appearance of Oda and festivals (black 耀 of Sato Yui net broadcast program)

Oda and traffic control diagram

Oda and festivals traffic control diagram [PDF: 2MB]

For the location of the float (soup) of Oda and festivals


Oda and festivals large fireworks display will also be held at the same time.

H29 fireworksDate and time: 14 days (Sunday) Afternoon 7 hours 30 minutes started

※ rainy weather postponed
15 day (Monday) afternoon 7 hour ~

Heisei 30 year Otaya festival fireworks program [PDF: 11MB]


Heisei 29 years of Oda and festivals

Heisei 28 years of Oda and festivals

Heisei 27 years of Oda and festivals



Oda and festivals

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