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Shinshu / Nagatacho accreditation promotion item No. 03 Nagato ranch

Published 2017 years 05 month 29 Date

Last updated 2017 years 05 month 29 Date

Nagato ranch Dairy products
Nagato ranch Ice cream (small) Various Gouda cheese · black pepper gouda cheese
 Ice cream made with freshly squeezed milk is a rich flavor.  Handmade Gouda cheese that has been carefully aged for a period of time.It has a rich flavor with a lively milk flavor.Slice it as it is and use it with beer or mellow red wine.It's also delicious if you put it in a sandwich with vegetables or an omelet!
 Natural cheese, which is made by combining Gouda cheese with black pepper and aged for a long period of time, has a good match between the rich flavor of Gouda cheese and the spice of pepper, and is excellent for dry beer and white wine!
Nagato ranch Ice Black Pepper
 Nagato Ranch has a pasture of 1400ha (211 Tokyo Domes) on the Shinshu Kita Shirakaba Plateau at an altitude of 45m, and raises 200 dairy cows using its own pasture.Dairy products are manufactured at the farm's plant using high-quality, fresh raw milk squeezed from the milk and sold directly to customers visiting the farm.Recently, food safety and reliability of quality labeling have become issues.At Nagato Ranch, we produce pasture, which is the food for dairy cows, raise cows, and manufacture and sell dairy products directly from squeezed raw milk, so that consumers can see the production process in a safe and secure product. We are delivering.
Nagato ranch scenery Nagato ranch
〒 386-0601 Daimon-cho X NUMX-X NUMX
TEL.0267-55-6969 FAX.0267-55-7327
● Opening hours / 9: 00 to 16: 00
Restaurant / Closed on Tuesday (with changes in winter time) Stores / days off
For details, please contact us directly.

■ Washi no Sato Furusato Center ■ Nagato Onsen Yasuraginoyu ■ Nagato Ranch Rest House ■ Station of Malmelo Nagato "Tobira" "Nanohana Hall"



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