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Shinshu / Changwa-cho accreditation promotion item No. 13 Farmer and farmer

Published 2017 years 05 month 29 Date

Last updated 2017 years 05 month 29 Date

Farmer and Nofu Apple juice
Farmer and farmer's cinnamon 100%
Attention apple juice
Farmer and farmer Shinano Gold 100%
Attention apple juice
Farmer and apple juice Nofu ruby ​​100%
Nagano prefecture original type "Sinanosusu" characterized by gentle sweetness was made tasty and straight as it is. Moderate sweetness and acidity, and rich aroma was to taste as it is not from-concentrate juice, Nagano Prefecture, original varieties of features "Shinano gold".
The farmer and the agricultural woman are the best in Japan for the cultivation area of ​​rimballs! I made a rare ball which became valuable straight now. Please enjoy the unique sour taste of Ruby.
Attention juice
Farmers and farmers are tourist farms where you can hunt high-class grapes "Pione" and apples "Jonathan" in a great location with an altitude of about 650m and a panoramic view of Utsukushigahara.We cultivate with low pesticides and low chemical fertilizers in order to deliver safe and secure products.In addition, refrain from herbicides in the park and use a mower.Grape is cultivated by a rain-cut method, and by protecting it from the rain, it protects the grapes from pathogens that spread due to rainfall.In addition, since the bunch is in a low position, even small children can enjoy grape hunting safely without using a springboard.
appearance Farmer and Nofu
〒386-0602 Nagato cho Nagakubo 360-1
TEL / FAX.0268-68-2318
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■ Farmer and Farmer ■ Station of Malmel Inside Within "Fountain of the Forest"



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