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Shinshu / Nagatacho accreditation promotion item No. 17 agricultural product processing research meeting

Published 2017 years 05 month 29 Date

Last updated 2017 years 05 month 29 Date

Kuroyan miso

Institute for agricultural products processing Kuroyan miso
2 type of 'Xu Yao Miso' of 3 year, 'X Black Ya 3 year aged miso' of 2 year. It is a mellow taste made from local soybean, rice, salt, black aqueduct.
Kuroyan miso
Wada Agricultural Product Processing Study Group Miso group creates miso by using activities promotion facility for women and young people. It is a traditional recipe of about 25 years "pure additive" and old-fashioned pure handmade. 1 moon ~ 3 Make a cold weather in the month to mature. Our commitment is to use "Black Yao", which is said to be the best soft water in the country, which is the best in Japan, with Nakasendo Wada to sprinkle black rocky bedrock. Would you like delicious homemade miso?
Appearance of agricultural product processing group

Institute for agricultural products processing
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