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Shinshu / Changwa Town Certification Encouragement Item No. 18 Thank you for confectionery Oshima Ya

Published 2017 years 05 month 29 Date

Last updated 2017 years 05 month 29 Date

Shinshu confectionery quince melo

Shinshu Immaculate
Yakitori Oshima ya Shinshu confectionery quince melo
I made snacks of candy harvested in Nagato Town. I wrapped the bean paste which made use of the flavor of quince in sponge fabric. Gouda cheese made at Nagato Ranch is made into thick cheese bean paste, and milk is used for dough to make baked bun.
Quince Naman
Nagatachi Oshimaya is a confectionery shop aiming for self-sufficiency at the station of Malmelo. Starting from cultivating the field himself, you can taste the season at that time because the ingredients of the steaming god that passes to the local eastern Shinshu using in-house cultivated Nozawa greens and eggs changes according to the season. And we sell sweets made with quince which we harvested on the queen road. With Malmelo, it is a fruit tree closely related to Karin and its scent is very good, you can enjoy it like a fragrance by putting it in the house. Other sweets made with walnut or buckwheat flour are also recommended. Please drop in when you come to the station at the station. We offer sticking handmade taste.
Starchy confectionary Ooshimaya exterior

Yakitori Oshima ya
〒 386-0701 Chofu-cho Oshimachi 2424-12
● Opening hours / 9: 00 to 17: 30
● regular holiday / weekday Monday

■ Confectionary Oshima Ya ■ Nagato Onsen Yasuragino no Yu (Shinshu confectionery quince melon)


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