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Shinshu / Changwa-cho accreditation promotion item No. 19 natural yeast pan bamboo

Published 2017 years 05 month 29 Date

Last updated 2017 years 05 month 29 Date

Various natural yeast breads

Natural yeast bread cafe and Mukudo Natural yeast bread
I baked it frankly using Shinshu flour and natural yeast. How about the taste of nature?

Pussy bread 1

Pussy bread 2

Natural yeast Mukudo is a shop with a nostalgic atmosphere in the store in the Showa Retro building. In Mukudo, we mainly use 2 kind of yeast. One is Hoshino natural yeast. Yeast derived from rice, ripened taste comes out. The other is homemade organic raisin yeast. It has a rich aroma and increases the taste of chewing. And wheat flour is mainly made from Shinshu and domestic flour is used. Raisin yeast bread contains whole wheat flour, it is flavorful bread. Please enjoy bread full of plenty of nature's taste.
Natural yeast bread pan wall appearance

Natural yeast bread Cafe and Mukudo
〒 386-0601 Daimon-cho X NUMX-X NUMX
● Opening hours / 10: 30 to 17: 00
● Fixed holiday / Monday, Sunday

■ Natural yeast pan bamboo


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