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[Vacant house information_No.1] Furumachi Price is negotiable 

Published 2016 years 07 month 20 Date

Last updated 2019 years 07 month 22 Date

Overview of Property

Registration No. 1 Sort Rent Usage situation Left
Location NAGAWA Old Town, 3957 address 1 Asking price Negotiable

Overview of the building

Area (m2)


Necessity of repair

Costs of repair
land Residential land   wooden Significant repair necessary Negotiable
House First floor   Architecture years
Second floor   About 100 year
Floor First floor Living room 8 tatami / kitchen 7 tatami / bath / toilet / Japanese-style tatami 8 / Japanese-style tatami 4.5
Second floor Japanese-style tatami 7 / Japanese-style tatami 6 / Japanese-style tatami 6 / Japanese-style tatami 6

Equipment situation

Electrical Already draw WC Sum / Kumitori
gas propane gas Garage None
bath propane gas Storeroom None
Water Simple waterworks garden None
Sewer Sewer Others  

Distance to the main facilities, etc.

Ooya Station 13.4km Nagato elementary school 1.2km
Bus stop (Furuicho Nakamachi) 0.2km Yoda recess Southern Junior High School 2.8km
NAGAWA Town Office 1.3km park 0.5km
Yoda recess hospital 0.6km

Hot Springs (peace of hot water)

Yoda recess south fire station 1.1km supermarket


Ueda police station 18.7km    
Nagato nursery 1.8km    


Vacant house information

Contact us

Strategy and Finance Division town development policy engagement
TEL: 0268-75-2042