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About sewer

Although start of service in the district of the sewer was heard and the connection to the sewer system are required. Is this true.

Each came to ○ can be connected to the sewer home, it is obliged to immediately be connected to the sewer. (Sewerage Law Article 10)
※ such as when authorized by special circumstances, shall not apply.

○ Kumitori toilet must be modified to flush toilets within three years. (3 of the Sewerage Law Article 11)
※ The building is near the removal, or if you plan to be transferred, if the procurement of funds necessary for reconstruction of the water closet is recognized that there are reasonable grounds, such as when there is a difficult situation, this shall not apply .

I think that trying to build a new house, or should I do sewage and rainwater is how to eliminate.

Sewage to sewage, rainwater, please drainage to your nearest gutter.

For newly connected to the public sewer (already the connected piping repair), please tell me the skill in the art.

Connection to the sewer, or, repair of drainage facilities are connected, can not be done if it is not NAGAWA designated construction shop. Please check the specified construction shop is here.

Sewer designation construction shop List

Water from the premises of the drainage facilities are leaking. (It seems to be jammed something.)

Since the premise of the drainage will be personal management, please consult the designated construction shop. (Cost will be paid for privately.)

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