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For environmental protection

As global warming, do you what it is to be able to each of us to tackle easy?

Order to reduce as much as possible the emissions of carbon dioxide, let's strive to energy conservation.

For example,
○ sparingly to adjust the set temperature of the heating and cooling.
○ stop the unnecessary left on, such as electrical equipment.
○ when you go out is, bear in mind as much as possible on foot or by bicycle, the use of such as a bus-train.
○ when you drive a private car, try to economy speed, not a sudden start and sudden acceleration.
○ when to buy, such as appliances, choose the one of the energy-saving type.
For more information, please visit here. 

Why do we have addressed to the reduction of carbon dioxide as environmental measures?

In recent years, the average global temperature rises, now climate in various impact of "global warming" problem can be picked up significantly.
The impact of "global warming",
1. By, for example, melts the Arctic and Antarctic ice is sea level rises, there is a possibility that submerged in low altitude countries and regions.
2. Can not adapt to sudden changes in weather, there is a possibility that animals and plants become extinct increases.
3. Tropical region-specific infectious disease is likely to spread to a wide range along with the rise of temperature.
4. Along with the change of climate, crop yield is likely to decrease.
Such as it will be mentioned. This is what is said to be the main cause of "global warming" and "greenhouse gas". Among them, those emissions is large impact on most global warming is carbon dioxide. For this reason, we will need to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide.

It has been active in volunteer organizations, but it is planned to clean the road as part of the environmental beautification activities of the town. Do you have support of the town?

In the town, the town of the road, park, to individuals or organizations that cleaned with volunteers such as rivers, and conduct the support of recovery such as distribution and garbage cleaning bag to put the collected garbage.
When the planned cleanup activities as a volunteer, please contact us in advance to townsman Welfare Division.

Bees have trouble making a nest in the house. What can I do?

In the town such as the capture and extermination of bees (pest, etc.) we do not do directly. Sorry to trouble you, but if I am subjected to extermination by the commercially available drug on your own, if you are at risk, such as wasps, please consult a professional exterminator or the like.

Since he dog (cat) is dead, can you take back?

Corpses of small animals such as dead dog (cat) is, legally become the general waste, please refer to the owner is treated properly.

Dog on the road, How do I, but small animals have died, such as a cat?

Please contact the town hall.

The trash, rather than in the vicinity of the house, or burned at a distance, such as fields and mountains, if non-burnable early in the morning (late at night), and no one to be not to apply annoying?

Regardless of location and time to burn, because the improper incineration itself of trash is prohibited by law, it should not be doing.

Although neighborhood of people are in trouble if you are the open burning, do you say even if the open burning?

Incineration of waste in the field is, by the "Waste Disposal and Public Cleansing Law", it has been prohibited in principle, except for some exceptions.
The "open burning", factories, offices and households, incineration and in incinerators that do not conform to structural standards, in such fields and open spaces, of digging enclosure in use or block of drums, the hole garbage refers to the act, such as incineration, please in this manner such incineration is not performed.
In addition, even in the incineration, which is a few exceptions, if you give the living environment on the difficulty of others, will be the subject of leadership.
For more information, please visit here.

How can we dispose of the personal computer

Some of the PC mark ask them taken up with the manufacturer (attached to the home personal computers that have been sold in October 2003 or later).

Although the trash in the private property you have been illegally dumped, what should I do.

Where the garbage is illegal dumping is substantially determined, from the fact that dust would also attract other trash, it is important to take preventive measures as soon as possible.
For was dumped into private land trash, will be asked to support in the management who are responsible for managing the land as a rule, it can not be carried out removal of dumped garbage in the city.
If the dumping who can be identified, so you can be removed to dumping person, please report to the police station.
For more information, please contact us to townsman Welfare Division.

In the neighborhood association, the trash that has been littering, such as on the road in the district were recovered, I would like to bring to the direct final disposal sites, can you take back free of charge?

Local neighborhood associations and organizations including townspeople volunteer cleaning will voluntarily clean public areas such as roads and parks in the area, and garbage to be carried in is free, but in that case, beforehand notification is necessary Become. Representatives should inform the living environment personnel of the cleaning date, the scheduled time of delivery, the type and amount (garbage) of garbage etc. However, please consult with each administrator (Ueda Construction Office) for national roads and prefectural roads.
(If you do not have prior contact, cleaning of the individual's site will not be free.)

How will or can we dispose of the subject goods in the Home Appliance Recycling Law

Subject goods of Home Appliance Recycling Law, air conditioning, TV (cathode-ray tube, liquid crystal, plasma), refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, clothes dryers. These are, recycling has been required, please do not put up for Absolutely it will be illegal dumping and put out to the integrated location.

If you have found the illegal dumping of trash?

If you found the illegal dumping, if there is a dumping person is able to identify likely the evidence, please report to the police. It may be contacted to the city Environment Division, and Problem to from time to time the police, to deal strictly in cooperation with related organizations.
To the police, location and time of the illegal dumping, the kind of trash, please Problem and vehicle number and the culprit of the face and body features.

What can I do to discard bulky waste

Since the garbage that does not fit in the designated bag is "bulky waste", Hari the Gomishiru, please carried directly to NAGAWA general waste final disposal site.

※ cut, as long as it is collectively small in the crushing, etc., it is also possible to get to the integrated location as general trash I am put divided into designated bag (consumer electronics recycled products are excluded). 

(1) or garbage collection in front of the municipality transference is, but I was free NAGAWA good to put in a garbage bag for a home even if not do you paid (2) specified garbage bag

Hon, we conduct a pay reduction by designated garbage bag system (except for recyclable waste, hazardous garbage). The price of the specified garbage bag, contains part of the waste disposal costs.
Please purchase general garbage and metal waste in a town consultation dealer and purchase the designated garbage bag and put it out in a predetermined way to the collection place.

I would like to know the date of collection of garbage

Please refer to the "garbage calendar" that is posted on the public relations Nagawa. Or, you can also check the website.

 Public relations Nagawa

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