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About pension

I'd like to, but to increase the annual amount of money to receive

How to increase the annual amount of money, there are three.
1. Pay additional insurance premiums ... first insured person, a person of any subscriber insured is available by request.
 By paying an additional premium of XNUMX yen in addition to the monthly national pension premium, you can receive the supplementary pension added to the old-age basic pension for a lifetime.
2. You can be close to the full amount of the pension amount by any subscriber for five years until the 65-year-old from ... 60-year-old to any subscription.
3. Join the National Pension Fund · · For details, please contact the National Pension Fund telephone. 

I pension eligibility period is not enough

There is a voluntary system. Eligibility period people who do not meet the (in principle at least 25 years), even 60 years later, it can be any join until the 65-year-old. Even people who do not meet the eligibility period, between until the 70-year-old, you can join up to meet the period.

Income is low, you can not pay national pension premiums

There is exemption system. And income of the insured person in the previous year, will be approved exemption if the following criteria are the head of the household income. Depending on the percentage paid, it will be reflected in the year amount to receive. 

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