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About tax

It has been buying and selling a house that has not been registered, but the property tax has been levied on the previous owner. I wonder why.

For houses that are not registered, you will not be able to grasp be buying and selling. Buying and selling, gifting, please report if there was exchange.

Although I think land prices unlike the city has fallen, the tax of land is going up little by little is why.

If the assessed value is the same amount of tax will also be that there is equality of tax burden because the same, but for residential land, it is different from the reality by region.
This was surfaced when a nationwide 70% of posted land price valuation of land has been a goal from fiscal 1994. However, has been taken measures to avoid a rapid increase in tax burden, because they are closer to the still gently original tax, also valuation is started to decline, the land that still has tax has risen there you. 

It does not pay tax due that there is a debt

Debt is likely to be organized in such as personal bankruptcy, but the taxes can not "to finish without paying," it does not resolve only by pay. Never thank you so as not to put off the payment of tax.
By the way, did you know there is an upper limit (maximum interest rate of the Interest Rate Restriction Law) is the interest of the debt? If if you're continue to also pay for years the debt, the state that was too much to pay a lot of interest (there is no obligation to pay money: overpaid money) there is a possibility that has become.
If consult a lawyer (lawyers and judicial scriveners), might be the goal of organizing multiple debts approaches much.
Consultation to the lawyer, but is in principle paid, because there may be other free consultation meeting will be held in the town, the prefecture each place, why not try once inquiry.

Do pay the National Health Insurance tax also in the social insurance

"You may have to pay.
Move-out procedures, thank you to the National Health Insurance loss of qualification procedures. National Health Insurance and re-compute the tax in accordance with the number of months that had the National Health Insurance qualification of NAGAWA.
Since the national insurance tax is divided into 12 delivery dates, the amount of tax to be paid depends on the recalculated tax amount, so you may be required to pay it to Nagawa-cho even after you move out or obtain social insurance. .. ” 

The other day, seizure record of life insurance have been mailed. Even though I do not agree, do you town can be seized.

Seizure was made without the consent of the taxpayer is also not illegal.
In tough economic times, we have more of most of the townspeople were paid within the due date. Also to collect the year 14.6% of the arrears, even to the delinquent taxes, because "better to do pay is obtained" not to. Therefore, in the Local Tax Law, stipulates that "must be seized," we (collection staff) is, it can foreclosure be the same as the ruling of the court rather than the name and the tax office.
When the seizure, but Some people come angrily to the town hall, it is what more is tough to be referred to as "pay properly got and from people you do Yase!" From your cheering squad (taxpayer) of more than 90 people of 100 people.
What in arrears to a certain property is to is unfair to taxpayers, tax notice for foreclosure, dunning notices, because it is written in the letter of demand, I do not do again prior notice.
However, the real intention is to ask for voluntary payment before the seizure. 

My father died while delinquent taxes. Do you have an obligation to pay me.

You have an obligation to pay.
Speaking of inheritance, such as bank deposits and real estate, but I think I think of the so-called "plus of property (assets)", but that's not all. Debt and, delinquency, such as "minus of assets (liabilities)" of the tax will also be inherited (inheritance will be started at the time of death).
If you died while delinquent taxes, according to the Civil Code, spouses, determines the respective inheritance interests, such as a child. This until notification to have the tax notice and reminder of the effect, because the extension Todokokin will be taken over directly to the heir, and left it alone as other people's affairs, will be the delinquent taxes, such as a seizure. At the time of inheritance was, be because the delinquent.
Please be tax is fully franked so as not to leave a "negative assets" to the child and grandchildren.
If the "plus of property" is also "negative assets" is also not inherited at all, from the time I learned that there was a start of the inheritance, you can also take the procedure of inheritance abandoned in family court within three months. "Plus of property," just can not because the attention that inherit the. 

Name change of the moped bike

When one who possessed a motor bicycle (motorcycle less than 125cc, this is moped below) passed away or when the owner was moved out of the town, ask the name change procedure at the town office window To do.
Light vehicle tax is imposed on the April 1, the current owner (user) in the municipality with the main stationary field. If you leave there is no name change, or tax notice of the light motor vehicle tax is sent to the former owner, such as the procedures at the time of the accident becomes troublesome, the problem will likely situation occurs.
Things necessary
○ License Plate (Scrapped cars only when moving out of town)
○ mark cans (even in private seal, need the old and the new owner)
○ thing to be such as identification's license, insurance card
* It should be noted, Arriving person other than the owner is to contact, please note that you will need a power of attorney in the direction of the owner.

National Health Insurance went up to income does not change

Compared with last year, income is if the National Health Insurance tax is increased to not change it is likely that such as the following.
(1) is Is Already declaration of last year's income?
 If you are undeclared, you will not be able to determine your income, so the national insurance tax reduction system will not be applied.If you do not have income last year, please file a tax return.
(2) Did you not acquire new land and houses in the town?
 If you are a member of the National Health Insurance and acquired a new land and house during the last year, the property tax will be included in the calculation of the National Health Insurance tax as an asset percent, so the tax amount will be higher.
(3) National Health Insurance Do not you have the person who became the 40-year-old in a subscriber?
 At the age of XNUMX, insurance tax for long-term care will be added.The National Health Insurance tax consists of medical and long-term care, and the medical care is for all insured persons of the National Health Insurance, but the long-term care is for those insured who are between XNUMX and XNUMX years old. 

I was asked to take the income certificate to his father. Do You do not need to be an individual.

Tax certificate in principle, be delivered to the person in question, if other than the person to apply for a grant is required power of attorney.
However, if the relatives of one of the living (same household) is an application, it can even if there is no power of attorney to issue a certificate.
If the father and you are the same household, but you can issue without a power of attorney, you must have power of attorney otherwise.

How can I started working, can I deduct the residence tax from salary.

Residents tax, there is a way to pay for personal (the normal collection) and how to pay and deductions from salary and pension (special collection).
If you wish to change from ordinary collection to special collection in the middle of the fiscal year, please inform the salary officer in charge of the change. We will change procedures to the office through the company.

Tax wife of Part revenue

If there is no dependent relative, the town prefectural tax will start at 93 10,000 yen per salary from 5,500 10,000 yen. If your income exceeds 100 million, you will be charged a per capita rate of 5,500 plus an income. Also, if your income exceeds 103 10,000 yen, you will not be able to enter into the support of your spouse.
Tax calculation of income percent tax rate to the amount obtained by subtracting the deduction from income (townsman tax 6%, prefectural tax 4%) multiplied by the.
Income tax is an incoming tax and revenue is more than a thousand yen 103. 

Or there is only a retirement income but declaration is required

For those whose income during the previous year is only public pension income and a public pension payment report has been submitted by the Japan Pension Organization etc., declaration is not necessary.
However, if you declare income tax deductions such as dependency deduction, social insurance fee deduction, medical expenses deduction, etc., taxation may decrease if town / prefectural tax is taxed.
For those who withheld income tax from pensions, you can settle the income tax by filing a tax return to the tax office. Declaration of residence tax is no longer necessary when filing the final return.

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