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Learn in Nagawa

update information

Announcement of the start of collaborative digital library "Digitosho Shinshu" by municipalities and prefectures
About additional designation of historic site Nakasendo "Nagakubo-shuku old headquarters"
Notice about cancellation of Nagawa Town General Cultural Festival, installation of alternative exhibition space, cable TV shooting, and broadcasting
Notice of reopening of cultural property related facilities
[Heavy rain disaster on August 3, 8rd year of Reiwa] Obsidian mine exhibition room About the temporary closure of the Hoshikusokan
Notice of name decision for "Hoshidoku Pass Obsidian Mine Outdoor Exhibition Facility"
NAGAWA library
Nakasendo - Discover the charm! Shinshu Historical Road -
Soba - Japanese paper plow
Learn about obsidian
Learn the history and culture in the post town
Mayor mayor banner

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