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Disaster prevention

update information

The name of the evacuation information will change
AED installation location in Nagawa Town
Evacuation tips and daily preparations
Basic knowledge of disaster
[Reiwa XNUMXrd year] Nagawa Town Disaster Prevention Hazard Map
Assistance with "disaster prevention" qualification acquisition costs
Nagatomachi shelter management manual
Nagawa Town Disaster Warning Headquarters established
Points of evacuation shelter in consideration of new coronavirus infectious disease measures
About evacuation at the time of disaster based on new coronavirus infection
[As of 12 month 17 day] Notice of road conditions in Nagawa
About changes such as inundation assumption area in assumed maximum scale rain pertaining to Shinano River system Yoda River
[As of 12 month 6 day] Notice of road conditions in Nagawa
[As of 11 month 22 day] Notice of road conditions in Nagawa
From Nagano Labor Bureau "Notice about Typhoon 19"
[Disaster] Application for damage certification (report certification) with typhoon 19
[Disaster] Information on how to handle disaster waste
[Disaster Information 16 Day at 8am 30] Information on the road conditions in Nagato Town
[Disaster information] Alerts on traffic such as forest roads
[Disaster information 15 day at 3:00 pm 30] Notice of road conditions in Nagato Town
[Disaster Information 15 1:00 pm] Information on road conditions in Nagato Town
[Disaster] Daimon area and 15 day plan water outage
[Disaster Information] Evacuation preparation / elderly evacuation has been canceled
[Disaster Information 14 5:00 pm] Notice of damage in Nagawa Town
[Disaster] About resumption of JR bus operations
[Disaster-related] Daimon district Notice of planned water outage at night
[Disaster Information] Evacuation advisories have been canceled
[Disaster Information 14 9:00 am] Notice of damage in Nagawa Town
[Disaster] Chubu Electric Power announced a power failure recovery
[Disaster-related] Resolving power outages in the Furumachi and Nagakubo areas
[Disaster-related] News of Daimon area and telephone communication failure
[Disaster Information] Request for damage information from Nagawa Town Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters
[Disaster] About collecting garbage and combustible waste this week
[Disaster prevention information 13 day AM9: 00] Evacuation instructions canceled
[Disaster] News of JR Bus suspension due to typhoon damage
[Disaster] About power outage from Chubu Electric Power
[Disaster prevention information at 13 on the afternoon of 1] Notice of damage in Nagawa town
[Disaster prevention information PM10: 00] Notice of closed road on National Route 152
[Disaster prevention information PM 8: 00] Notice of closed roads in Wada and Nagakubo districts
[Disaster prevention information PM 7: 50] Daimon / Night stay, Ochiai district issued evacuation instructions
[Disaster prevention information PM 7: 00] Furumachi Iwa district
[Disaster prevention information PM 6: 20] We issued an evacuation order to Daimon / Miyanoue area
[Disaster information 16 day at 10] News of road conditions in Nagato
[Disaster prevention information PM 5: 10] An evacuation instruction was issued
[Disaster prevention information PM 5: 30] List of established shelters
[Disaster prevention information PM 5: 30] Furumachi district
[Disaster prevention information PM 4: 10] An evacuation instruction was issued
[Disaster prevention information PM 3: 50] Notice of road closure
[Disaster prevention information PM 3: 45] Additional shelters.
[Typhoon 19 measures] From the town-owned villa management center to owners
[Disaster prevention information PM 3: 00] evacuation advisory issued
[Disaster prevention information PM 1: 30] Disaster information
[Disaster prevention information PM 1: 00] Established Nagawa Town Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters
[Disaster prevention information AM10: 30] evacuation preparation information has been issued
About revision of guidelines about refuge advice
Nagatomachi area disaster prevention plan 【Heisei 30 year 5 monthly revision】
Please use the application of Fumi no Mi to acquire information on disaster prevention, snow accumulation and traffic congestion
Disaster Prevention and Volunteer Day · Disaster Prevention and Volunteer Week
For actions in case there is a possibility that ballistic missiles fall
NAGAWA weather information
Please use the NAGAWA _ tourism, disaster prevention, Wi-Fi.
First aid
About space radiation measurement results of Nagano Prefecture
For emergency broadcast [disaster prevention administrative wireless and wired announcement terminal]
Yoda recess south fire station
NAGAWA firefighting team organization
For information change of Tokai earthquake that Japan Meteorological Agency to announce
Information about the Tonankai earthquake
For the river water accidents prevention
Storm and flood damage and flood
Sediment disaster
Fire and emergency
Primary takeout goods list
Town designated evacuation facilities and location, etc. list
Disaster prevention