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Measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases

Child-rearing household life support special benefit for low-income child-rearing households (for child-rearing households other than single-parent households)
Notice of change in business hours of "One-day hot spring facility" from Nagawa Town and Nagawa Town Promotion Corporation
New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Related Information
"New Coronavirus Warning" has been issued throughout Nagano Prefecture
To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases
How to see a medical institution if you have symptoms such as fever
Infection alert level has been reduced to level XNUMX throughout Nagano prefecture
When "going to or from another prefecture", please take careful action such as thorough infection prevention measures.
Nagano Prefecture's response since June XNUMX regarding the new coronavirus
Point of heat stroke prevention action in "new lifestyle"
About infection prevention measures such as patrol buses in the town
About outbreak of new coronavirus infectious disease person infected in Ueda-shi
Nagano Prefecture Emergency Situation Declaration
Q & A about the new coronavirus
About publication of information pertaining to persons infected with new coronavirus infection
Measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases
From Ueda Public Health Center to everyone in the Ueda area
Please be careful about malicious business methods that pretend to be a new coronavirus
About suspension of some routes such as JR route buses due to the effect of the new coronavirus infection
New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Headquarters Meeting