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5 Nagawa-machi loop bus/JR route bus timetable

Published 2023 years 04 month 01 Date

About the use of the Nagawa-cho patrol bus

  • The times of the main stops are shown. For details, please check at each bus stop.
  • School buses are excluded from the tour bus timetable.
  • The operating days of the Shirakaba LineR5 Shirakabako Line calendar [PDF: 52KB]
  • JR route buses and school buses are operated by large buses, and patrol buses are operated by medium-sized buses and wagons.
    Please note that the vehicle may change depending on the time of day.
  • The usage fee in the town is 100 yen once to the destination. If you use it outside the town, please pay according to the price list.
  • Free of charge for high school students and younger, those aged 75 and over, those who have a physical disability certificate 50st to XNUMXrd grade, those who have a mentally handicapped health and welfare certificate, those who have a nursing certificate and a driver's license Those who have returned their driver's license can use it for XNUMX yen.
  • Only on the town roads in Nagawa-cho, you can get on and off for free (you can get on and off at places other than the bus stop), so please raise your hand and let us know. (* Free boarding and alighting on national and prefectural roads is not possible)
  • It may be suspended due to heavy snow or disasters.
  • Please contact Wada Clinic (☎88-2020) or Yodakubo Clinic (☎68-2036) for consultation days on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.
  • Please contact Wada Dental Clinic (☎88-2217) for consultation days on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
  • Please contact JR Bus Kanto Nagakubo Sales Office (☎68-2106) for detailed time and operation status.
  • Please contact the Nagawa Town Hall Education Division (☎68-2127) for school holidays for elementary and junior high schools.

Inquiries (About the patrol bus) Nagawa Town Hall General Affairs Division Phone 0268-75-2040
        (About the operation status schedule) JR Bus Kanto Nagakubo Sales Office Telephone 0268-68-2106


Nagawa-cho patrol bus all route map

Patrol bus route mapJR bus route

XNUMX Timetable R5 loop bus timetable [PDF: 257KB]



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