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Public Relations Nagawa Reiwa April 7rd Issue

Published 2021 years 07 month 06 Date

Public relations Nagawa 6 month issue coverMain contents of public relations Nagawa July issue

◎ Opening of Obsidian Mine Exhibition Room "Hoshikusokan"
◎ New corona vaccination information
◎ Support everyone!Child-rearing support!Please use the Chowa no Sato area lively ticket
◎ "Rehabilitation professional dispatch business" is now being accepted!
◎ Town development with art
◎ Regional revitalization cooperation corps activity report
◎ Greetings from the town
・ Notice from Nagawa Election Commission
・ Nagawa Town Staff Recruitment Exam
・ Holding a hunting license test and a beginner hunting license test class
・ We will distribute an emergency medical information kit free of charge.
・ We are looking for works of Furusato CM Grand Prize NAGANO
◎ Shinshu University School of Medicine Health Promotion Course
◎ Results of a questionnaire survey on public relations Nagawa and cable TV
◎ life of calendar
◎ everyone's Square
◎ News from NAGAWA Council of Social Welfare
◎ Welcome to the library and petting Museum
◎ child care support center News from
◎Nagawa Town, a community school
◎ About Blanche Takayama Ski Resort Public Privatization
◎ of town topic
・ Himeki Orienteering 2021 Tournament Held
・ Kenichiro Haneda Mayor Reappointed as Chairman of Nagano Prefecture
・ KF mask was donated
◎ To all insured persons of the medical system for the elderly
"About changing your health insurance card"


Public relations Nagawa 7 month issue [PDF: 11MB]



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