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Affairs engagement

Business contents

(A) Matters relating to information disclosure and personal information protection.

(B) Honors, thing about awards and ritual.

(C) Matters relating to administrative organization and administrative authority as well as the administrative reform of the town.

(D) Thing for the storage and disposal of documents.

(E) Ordinance, it related to enactment abolition procedures such as rules and guidelines.

(Mosquito) Gazette and prefecture report, as well as that on the storage of shared books.

(Vii) It related to the management of the official seal.

(Viii) Matters relating to election management committee.

(Ke) It related to coordination of government buildings and between the branches.

(Co) Matters relating to cooperation in personnel recruitment of the Self-Defense Forces.

(K) Thing about consumer administration.

(Shea) Thing about the inn day duty.

(Scan) Matters relating to human resources staff.

(Se) Matters relating to examination and consultation of employees.

(SEO) Matters relating to training of staff.

(Other) Thing about the welfare and insurance of staff.

(H) It related to employee organizations.

(Tsu) It related to coordination of each section division of duties office.

(Te) Thing about the council and the mayor meeting.

(G) Thing about the collection distribution and shipping, as well as management of the stamp of the document.

(Na) Matters related to operation management of the tour bus.

(D) Thing about the secretary and public relations.

(J) Matters relating to safe operation of the staff.

(Value) Thing about the public service disaster.

(Bruno) Matters relating to administrative procedures.

(C) It related to crisis management.

(Non-) About fire fighting team and fire committee.

(Off) Thing about the fire fighting facilities and flood prevention facilities.

(F) Matters related to disaster prevention and disaster prevention conference.

(E) Matters related to disaster prevention administrative radio.

(Ma) It related to completion inspection.

(Mi) Matters related to international exchange business in general.

(No) Matters relating to comprehensive education conference.

(Me) Thing that does not belong to the jurisdiction of the other engagement.

Mayor mayor banner

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