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Business contents

(A) it is related to forest planning.
(B) Matters relating to business management of the town forest.
(C) Erosion business and that about the forest reserve.
(D) forestry facility and be on disaster prevention and disaster recovery of the forest.
(E) that related to wildlife protection.
(Mosquito) hunting, be on hazardous wildlife extermination.
(G) that on the coordination of the forestry related organizations.
(Viii) that related to forestry related funds.
(Ke) thing about the special forest.
(Co) thing about the forestry structure improvement project.
(K) that related to forestry workers measures.
(Shea) Furumachi thing about property District.
(Scan) that related to national land survey.
(Se) thing about the registration of the town - owned property.
(SEO) that related to modification of the public view.

Mayor mayor banner

ク イ ッ ク ア ク セ ス