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Agricultural policy engagement

Business contents

(A) be on the promotion and guidance of agriculture.
(B) it is related to animal husbandry promotion and guidance.
(C) be on the promotion and guidance of the water industry.
(D) that related to agriculture committee.
(E) rice production adjustment and that on rice management and the like.
(F) Agricultural management funds and be on the interest subsidy and the like.
(G) that on agricultural comprehensive plan.
(Viii) that related to agricultural land use.
(Ke) thing about the extermination of harmful birds and animals and pests.
(Co) field crops, things related to horticulture promotion and guidance.
(K) thing about the coordination of agricultural organizations.
(Shea) that related to agricultural products and agricultural facilities damage.
(Scan) that related to agriculture's pension.
(Se) that related to agricultural structure improvement project.
(SEO) that related to rural development project.

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