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Social education engagement

Business contents

The Social Education Section is roughly divided into two businesses: social education and social physical education.
In social education, we manage public halls and municipal physical education facilities, provide a place for lifelong learning that people of all ages from children to the elderly can learn, operate public hall business, and in social physical education, we can play sports in familiar areas. We are engaged in various operations such as running a comprehensive community sports club and promoting sports centered on sports promotion committee members.

The outline of the Nagawa-cho sports promotion committee members who are active in the social and physical education business is as follows.


XNUMX. XNUMX.What is a sports promotion committee member?

 A sports promotion committee member is a public part-time employee stipulated in the national "Sports Basic Law".The members of the Nagawa Sports Promotion Committee are stipulated in the Nagawa Sports Promotion Committee Establishment Regulations that the number of members is 15 or less and the term of office is two years.Currently, 13 sports promotion committee members are active in Nagawa Town.

XNUMX.Activities of sports promotion committee

 The sports promotion committee is engaged in various activities such as teaching practical skills, promoting new sports, and running recreation festivals to promote sports.I also participate in workshops to improve my skills.

(1) Thing about establishment, management and abolition of public hall and other social educational institutions.
(2) Thing about commission and meeting of public hall management council member, social education member and physical education guidance member.
(3) Guidance and training of social education groups and encouragement of holding lectures and exhibitions.
(4) Publication and distribution of lifelong learning materials, exchange of information, and research.
(5) Thing about establishment of various classes, courses, etc. related to lifelong learning.
(6) Thing about information gathering, research, etc. of lifelong learning.
(7) Thing about social physical education.
(8) Thing about promotion of sports.
(9) Thing about management operation of town-operated physical education facility.
(10) Thing about culture, art and performing arts.
(11) Thing about branch business guidance liaison tie-up.
(12) Thing about learning of youth, adult and elderly.
(13) Revenue and expenditure budget and accounting related to the jurisdiction of the Social Education Section.
(14) In addition to the items listed in the preceding items, matters related to lifelong learning.


Nagawa Town Board of Education Education Division Social Education Section

TEL: 0268-68-2127 FAX: 0268-68-4139

Email: syakai@trown.nagawa.nagano.jp

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