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School education engaging

Business contents

(1) thing about the Board of Education meeting.
(2) secretariat, school appointment and dismissal of other educational institutions staff (. Except for the prefecture expenses faculty), Dismissal and things related to disciplinary.
(3) thing about the offer of opinion on the bill should go through the voting of the education budget and other parliament.
(4) Matters concerning formulation of construction plan and offer to obtain educational property.
(5) the establishment of educational institutions, related to the management and abolition.
(6) that related to the management of the education property.
(7) thing about the establishment, revision or abolition of the Board of Education rules.
(8) that related to the processing of such petition or petition.
(9) that related to public notice equation.
(10) that related to research and statistics.
(11) that related to public relations.
(12) thing about the tube to protect the official seal.
(13) collection of documents, shipping, compiled and be on saving.
(14) be on service of the staff (except for the school staff.).
(15) (except for the school staff.) Staff training and be on welfare.
(16) thing about the revenue and expenditure budget and accounting relating to the jurisdiction of school education engagement.
(17) installation of school, things related to abolition and management and operation.
(18) About setting, changing and abolishing school districts of elementary and junior high school.
(19) adjustment of the school book, it relates to organize and storage.
(20) appointment and dismissal of the prefectural expenses staff, thing about school grades of Dismissal and disciplinary.
(21) be on service of the school staff.
(22) About the commission of school doctor, school dentist and school pharmacist.
(23) About class composition.
(24) educational content and be related to the handling.
(25) be related to the handling of textbooks and other teaching materials.
(26) that related to school health.
(27) school that safety.
(28) thing about school meals.
(29) thing about the training and welfare of the school staff.
(30) thing about the school attendance of children and students.
(31) thing about the loan and Handicapped Children school leadership committee of the scholarship.
(32) thing about the award of school education contributor.
(33) that related to the management and input vacate office of faculty housing.
(34) before addition to the matters listed in each item, it does not belong to the jurisdiction of another engagement.

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