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Congress Secretariat

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Business contents

  • (1) thing about the members of identification.
    (2) lawmakers of reward, be related to cost compensation.
    (3) thing about Rep mutual aid.
    (4) official seal storage thing about the.
    (5) Congress of the ordinance, it related to enactment abolition of regulations.
    (6) ritual, dating, it related to events.
    (7) that related to family events.
    (8) thing about the storage of goods of parliament relations.
    (9) that related to the management of the proceedings room or the like.
    (10) thing about the chairman Board.
    (11) thing about Congressman training.
    (12) regular meeting, an extraordinary session, that for each committee.
    (13) thing about the members of the attendance and the like.
    (14) thing about the proposal other agenda projects.
    (15) agenda and that for each report.
    (16) thing about the election carried out in parliament.
    (17) creation of the conference proceedings, it relates to storage.
    (18) that related to the processing of the voting matters.
    (19) resolution, that on the handling of the written opinion and the like.
    (20) petition, it is related to the handling of the petition and the like.
    (21) deliberation of the bill, it related to the Research and Statistics about the proceedings.
    (22) thing about the audience of parliament.
    (23) thing about the Congress report.
    (24) Congress of the budget, it related to other accounting balance sheet.
    (25) thing about the public hearing.
    (26) thing about NAGAWA declining birth rate, etc. Measures Committee.
    (27) other thing about the Congress.


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