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Elderly support engagement

Business contents

The Senior Citizen Support Section also serves as the Regional Comprehensive Support Center.

We aim to create a system that provides necessary services in response to changes in the needs and conditions of the elderly so that they can continue living in areas where they have become accustomed to living.

1. Various consultations-General consultation support-

  • We accept consultations from senior citizens, their families, and those living nearby..
  • Please talk about problems, concerns and application for nursing care insurance in your life.

2. Care prevention and health promotion information -care prevention care management-

  • Information on various nursing care services will be provided to those who need care prevention.

3. Protecting rights-right advocacy business-

  • We will protect the rights of elderly people, such as dealing with elderly abuse, preventing damage from malicious door-to-door sales, and introducing the adult guardianship system.

4). Comfortable community development-Comprehensive and continuous care management-

  • Support and advice of local care support specialists (care managers) and contact coordination with medical institutions, etc., will support community development where older people can live comfortably.

5. Other

  • There are various services, so please feel free to contact us.

(A) Thing about welfare of elderly person.
(I) Thing about local inclusion support.
(C) Thing about home care support company.
(D) Thing about local support project.


Town welfare section elderly person support person in charge

Telephone: 0268-68-3111 (representative)

   0268-75-2046 (directly to the Townspeople Welfare Division)

   0268-75-2081 (directly to the elderly support staff)

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