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Local and tradition Gourmet

Published 2016 years 03 month 04 Date 13 when 52 minutes

Takeuchi agricultural

Become a decisive factor in the quality of pickles, say what materials and goodness of water. So to speak, producing area of ​​location is the key. Takeuchi agricultural is located at the foot of the water Kiyoki Utsukushigahara plateau, with a clear and cold spring water, which extends to every minute 1t, manufactures pickles. Moreover, nozawana which is a material is, to use an organic fertilizer that is produced in-house compost factory, contract farming in the traditional organic farming, is the highest grade with a limited amount of production. The Nozawa Na漬 Nozawa using the vegetables is salt sparingly with all items, since the third-party products is a low concentration that does not compare, without damaging the nutrient, including the material, you can help in health promotion.
In the station of the dealer quince Nagato "Nanohana Museum" (Takeuchi agricultural direct management), Wada inn station, Nagato ranch, etc.

Yacon shochu

We made a shochu in-house cultivation of yacon potato.
Gentle sweetness in a refreshing drink mouth and pull the left.

Nozawa Na漬

Healthy raw vegetables that were grown in a field which has been subjected to organic fertilizer, vegetables original flavor finished with look better as a low salt. I served with salad sense.


Black 耀石 experience Museum

In addition to exhibition space that will convey the relationship between humans and black 耀石, with a menu of various stone tools and jewels manufacturing experience, is a great feature is experience room to put up to 150 name is at the same time. Through the way of life of the ancestors, again staring at themselves. Adults and children without any, share fun frankly that time. In black 耀石 experience museum, please spend such a wonderful time.
Dealer black 耀石 experience museum, Wada inn station, the station of quince Nagato "Forest of the fountain"

Black 耀石 goods (amulet of black 耀石, black 耀石 of straps, star of the knife, etc.)

Through the Jomon period from the Paleolithic, black 耀石 of Wadatoge and Hoshikusotoge production of NAGAWA has been distributed across the country as Japan's oldest brand. Black 耀石, which is also the symbol of the town is also famous as a power stone, is said to bring happiness to the owner.
In addition, all museums of goods handmade! For beads and a dragonfly ball also handmade, it does not have the same thing. 1 one of Why do not you look for yourself for the goods in the world?


Takayama family ranch

Takayama family ranch "dairy education farm certification, eco-Farmer certification, Shinshu environmentally friendly crops Authentication" is a lot of production education ranch that has acquired the certification of such. You can enjoy studied at 4 kind of experience menu in 13 one of the themes of "life", "food education", "ShokuIku", "environment". Clear air, is try to spend 1 day with a wide range of experience in the refreshing plateau Why. This ranch to learn while having fun from children to adults.
Dealer Takayama family ranch shop "lettuce House"

Hanamame ranch

The big big Hanamame that has been cultivated in the ranch was to compote.
It is also ideal for receiving tea modestly sweet.

Smoked cheese

I smoked about 30 time low temperature natural cheese in wild cherry tree of the chip.
Wine, to accompany the beer liquor, also why not to snack.
Please enjoy the wild cherry tree unique flavor.


Forest Akakura

Forest Akakura is a campsite that is in the wilderness to show us the beautiful appearance of the four seasons. Camp sites and cottages of the name of the animals that live in this forest, bungalows are scattered in various locations.
Site char and salamanders in the middle of the flow Akakura River, such as the inhabit Sawagani, other make me feel the flow of time that the pure flow is spacious, fishing pond, craft corner, eel and goats and play Friendship Square, etc. we offer the whole family can enjoy spot.

Deep-fried rainbow trout

The raised rainbow trout in the clear of the wilderness water fried dipped in chili sauce special, it is the texture fried crispy snack is also eaten in snack sense.
Forest dealer Akakura, Wada inn station, the station of quince Nagato "Nanohana Museum"


Wada inn farmers restaurants
Mom home

In the past, additive-free processing, which has been provided in the "farmhouse restaurant Mom home" Oyaki.
Texture was "glutinous" narrowing mix the potatoes to the dough is characterized.
In addition, the type is also abundant are using plenty of vegetables that were locally grown in the ingredients.
It is old-fashioned "Oyaki," but, please enjoy the ordinary is not texture and taste to Oyaki.
Dealer Wada inn station

Potatoes Oyaki various

Bracken, nozawana, dried daikon strips radish, vegetables, Unohana, red bean paste, eggplant, pumpkin

Soba Namyu

Bun mixed with buckwheat to the fabric, red bean paste in the flavor of the buckwheat is exquisite


Kakutani Nature Park

In Kadoya natural garden, char, trout, rainbow trout, has been farmed in the clear stream flowing through the Shinshu salmon from natural forest at an altitude of 1000m. In addition, in the shop, which was erected in the Garden Lord himself cut wood, feeling the smell of the wood, you can get a delicious dishes made with fresh fish. There is also a cake set of daily specials, you can spend the time and spacious.
Dealer Kadoya Nature Park, Wada inn station, the station of quince Nagato "Oshimaya", Yoda recess hospital shop

Deep-fried rainbow trout

Rusty rainbow trout is full of nutrition edible from head to tail.

Marinated Yamane

It was the popularity of the dormouse in the marinade. Refreshing acidity and moderate sweetness is exquisite dish.

Salt of Shinshu salmon Koji漬

I marinated the Shinshu salmon was brought up at a local clear stream to Shiokoji. Taste has increased in salt koji.

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