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Farm production gourmet

Published 2016 years 03 month 04 Date 13 when 48 minutes

Nagato ranch

Nagato ranch has a pasture of 1400ha (Tokyo Dome 211 number min) Shinshu of altitude 45m Shirakabakogen, we are breeding a cow 200 head with a pasture of self-production. Use a good-quality fresh raw milk to be squeezed from there, to produce dairy products in the plant in the farm, and sells directly to the customer to visit the ranch. Cattle health itself grew up drinking the spring water of Yumekayama, dairy products made with milk squeezed from this cow is the taste itself. Production process to everyone of the consumer has to deliver a safe and secure product which is visible to the eye.
Dealer Nagato ranch rest house, Japanese paper village hometown center, Nagato Onsen peace hot water

Gouda cheese

It is a long time handmade Gouda cheese that was slowly and carefully aged. It is a taste that is full-bodied flavor of milk was alive. As it is sliced ​​and beer and mellow red wine with. In addition, sandwiches and vegetables plenty, delicious take into omelet!

Nagato ranch ice cream

Ice cream made with freshly squeezed milk is a rich flavor.

Black Pepper Gouda cheese

Gouda Natural cheese multiplied by the long period of aging in accordance with the black pepper to cheese. Gouda cheese flavor certain flavors and pepper spice goes well is the excellent compatibility to dry beer or white wine!


Himekidaira ice workshop

Himekidaira ice workshop, so also do landlady our pensions in Himekidaira we developed, began with feelings of "I want to put out a delicious ice to customers who come." This delicious and the ice cream more easy to eat, "Naka ​​it was ice also" is, brings out even more delicious crispness and flavor of the skin! Both because the landlady we are made one by one handmade, has become a limited quantity.
Dealer Dattan buckwheat processing direct sales facility "Museum buckwheat green flower", Wada inn station, Piste II convenience, rape Museum, peace hot water

I was ice

Dattan buckwheat of NAGAWA specialty that is rich in rutin, which is a health good is now delicious ice cream. Aroma of buckwheat Dattan to sweetness was refreshing is the taste to become a habit.


Audrey farm

He moved to nearly NAGAWA in the middle of the Shinshu, began the mountain viticulture. Cultivation goods are sold charged into wine 9 split was. Processed products as the mountain grape vinegar, blueberries and mountain grape jam other has been commercialized. In part by the time of year, raw grapes, mountain grape shoots, etc. We are also sold at local agricultural products sales office.
Dealer Wada inn station, the station of quince Nagato "Forest of Izumi" "La. Sasa Marche"

Mountain grape vinegar

The harvested Vitis coignetiae raise the sugar content up to 6 degree of granulated sugar before bottling more than 45 months immersed in vinegar. Drink diluted, milk, you drink delicious divided by the soy milk.

Mountain grape wine

He was charged acidity of the strong mountain grapes into wine.
Yes finish sweet so that you drink for women of health-conscious.

Blueberry and mountain grapes

Candied of mountain grapes in 2 year aged fruit juice stewed large blueberries, is a grain type of fruit source specific jam. Sour and wild taste of mountain grapes is the rarity of the product.


Farmer and Nofu

Farmers and farmers are in a great location with an altitude of about 650m and a panoramic view of Utsukushigahara, and are high-class grapes. It is a tourist farm where you can hunt "Pione" and apple "Jonathan".We cultivate with low pesticides and low chemical fertilizers in order to deliver safe and secure products.In addition, refrain from herbicides in the park and use a mower.Grape is cultivated by a rain-cut method, and by protecting it from the rain, it protects the grapes from pathogens that spread due to rainfall.In addition, since the bunch is in a low position, even small children can enjoy grape hunting safely without using a springboard.
Dealer farmer and Nofu, Moritaya, Wada inn station, forest of Izumi, et al. Sasa Marche

Apple juice Shinanosuito 100% commitment farmer and Nofu

Nagano prefecture original type "Sinanosusu" characterized by gentle sweetness was made tasty and straight as it is.

Apple juice of Shinano Gold 100% commitment farmer and Nofu

Moderate sweetness and acidity, and rich aroma was to taste as it is not from-concentrate juice, Nagano Prefecture, original varieties of features "Shinano gold".

Farmer and apple juice Nofu ruby ​​100%

Farmer and Nofu has a cultivation area of ​​ruby ​​Japan 1! The ruby ​​was now become valuable was to not from-concentrate juice. Enjoy the sour taste of ruby ​​unique.

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