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Festival of tradition

Published 2016 years 03 month 04 Date 13 when 41 minutes

Yutaka 受大 Jingu Oda and festivals 1 month 14 ~ 15 Date

Whereabouts to rich 受大 of Shrine annual festival in Furumachi of NAGAWA is known as known as "Oda and festivals". Since the origin of this popular name is that your teacher of Ise Shrine using "Tabiya (Taya)" when visiting the country because of the recession, is referred to as a "Taya festival" the festival of Ise, Inc. with Tabiya it conveyed became way.
Every year, the town 5 one of the floats and production has been a fairy tale and the historic scene was the subject by the Preservation Society is dedicated, has attracted people to visit.


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